#54 – Planning for 2016

FEATURED DOWNLOAD: Read and download the full transcription of Episode 54. I’m just sharing how grateful I am for 2015 and what I will be looking forward to in 2016. (Click Here to Download Transcription) [0:00:14.8] Hey everybody, Stephen Esketzis here from Marketing on the Move. And I’m coming to you today the evening of Christmas, […]

The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Marketing

Instagram: The New Era of Visual Marketing Instagram. You’ve heard of it. I’ve heard of it (duh, right?). Your 90-something-year-old neighbour with 11 cats has probably heard of it (and she probably Instagrams pictures of her 11 cats in 11 little outfits). For those of you who haven’t (seriously?) – Instagram is a content-driven social […]

The Complete Guide To Building An Authority Website

In his seminal book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini lays down six principles that make people tick and get them to say “Yes.” They are: Reciprocation Commitment and Consistency Social Proof Liking Scarcity Authority Marketers have forever used these principles to make sales. All of them work great, but I can safely say […]

#48 – Talking Authority Website Building with Gaël Breton

FEATURED DOWNLOAD: Read and download the full transcription of Episode 48 with Gaël Breton. This episode will teach you how to jumpstart Authority Website building. (Click Here to Download Transcription) Biography : Gael Breton is the Co-founder of Authority Hacker , where he and his business partner share their strategies from online business and teach people how […]

#47 – Back in the Hustle Mode

FEATURED DOWNLOAD: Read and download the full transcription of Episode 47. Just sharing with you one of my longest days managing my business. (Click Here to Download Transcription) Tweetables: Transcript: [0:00:16.2] Hey, everyone, Stephen Esketzis here from Marketing on the Move and I’m with you from a very late night. Here on a Monday night, or […]

Legal Firm Lead Generator Hugh Rollinson

Hugh Rollinson makes a living from generating online leads and enquiries for legal firms in the UK.  He has recently launched a new website focussing on people looking to make accident claims and personal injury claims.  Today he tells us about how this online marketing niche works and some solid business advice for people wanting to start an […]

Salman Altaf And His Success Online

Why did you get into your industry? Since my childhood, I had great interest in computer’s. I started my carrier as a computer hacker but after a few months I realized that I should change my field and I started working online as a freelancer. I started taking marketing projects and after completing almost 300 […]