#70 – The Strategies Of A Serial Entrepreneur Who Runs Multi-Million Dollar Retail & SAAS Companies

Guest Bio: Robert is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Call Proof, he built his businesses to where today they generate $24 Million in total revenue. His expertise around sales and automating follow-up sequences helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and salesmen, contributing to millions of dollars in additional sales. Content Summary : 00:00:14 – Introductions 00:04:48 […]

#68 – How to Blow Your Prospects Mind

Summary: In this podcast, learn how to keep your listeners hanging onto your every word with these three tips. Transcript   #00:00:14-3#                Hey everybody, Stephen Esketzis here from Marketing On The Move. I am driving, on my way to playing indoor soccer again. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about […]

#58 – Talking Social Lead Generation With Justin Hartzman CEO Of Needls (Round 2)

About Justin: Justin is a graduate from one of Canada’s premier business and economic program at theUniversity of Western Ontario. Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs and investors, from an early age Justin worked retail in his family’s businesses, rising to managerial and buying positions. Understanding sales, forecasting, team management, and learning from others […]

#20 Mark Evans DM, DN – Virtual Real Estate Pioneer

FEATURED DOWNLOAD: Read and download the full transcription of Episode 20. Mark Evans speaks about the benefits of telecommuting and managing his business on-the-go. (Click Here to Download Transcription) BIOGRAPHY: Mark Evans DM, DN, the DM stands for dealmaker while the DN stands forDigital Nomad. He is a full time real estate investor that is […]

Legal Firm Lead Generator Hugh Rollinson

Hugh Rollinson makes a living from generating online leads and enquiries for legal firms in the UK.  He has recently launched a new website focussing on people looking to make accident claims and personal injury claims.  Today he tells us about how this online marketing niche works and some solid business advice for people wanting to start an […]