#68 – How to Blow Your Prospects Mind

Summary: In this podcast, learn how to keep your listeners hanging onto your every word with these three tips.



#00:00:14-3#                Hey everybody, Stephen Esketzis here from Marketing On The Move. I am driving, on my way to playing indoor soccer again. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about how to blow your prospect’s mind. How to absolutely take them into another world when you are talking to them about your pitches, you product, your service. It is something, which I have a little experience that I want to share with you and how you guys can really build on it, learn from it, and implement it in your own business.


#00:00:55-3#                What happened to me was, recently we brought in a couple of new people on the team to help me with some of the work in the business. Some of these people have never heard of Internet marketing, or not Internet marketing specifically, but have never heard of the word funnel, or a lot of these terms that you and I are familiar with. These people have never heard of them before. They are very new to this whole space. While speaking to one of the girls I am working with now, and I was explaining to her the concept of sales funnel.


#00:01:34-8#                I was like, this is the website but you cannot have a website without a sales funnel. She asks, what is a sales funnel and how does it work. So I said here is the process and you have your low-end office, your opt-in, your lead magnets, and the reason you do that is to build a list and so on…this is what a tripwire is, and you can have different funnels, high ticket funnels, a webinar funnel, you can sell anything, up-sales, down-sales — I gave her the whole spiel on what a sales funnel was.


#00:02:00-8#                To me, this is like my bread and butter, I know this inside out. It has to be something pretty amazing to actually get me interested but I was just going through it like the basics of what a funnel was. Then as I started explaining it, about five minutes in and I was just rambling and giving examples, explaining how a couple of businesses use sales funnels and the whole lot. I was just going through and she was like, you have to be joking. So this is what sales funnel is. Now everything makes sense. This is how Spotify does it with the 99-cent free trial; this is how they get it to work. It literally blew her mind. I have never seen someone just, click and understand how it worked in so long. It literally blew her mind to bits.


#00:03:10-7#                I was super excited because this is what I love seeing. I love seeing people’s expression once they get it. That was really exciting. What it reminded me of, and this is the reason why I am making this podcast, is when you are talking to your client, when you are talking to a prospect, when talking to a friend, someone who is not actually buying from you, but anybody, when you are talking to someone, you want them to get interested into it, you have to get as excited as they have as you lay it out. One thing I have learned is that if you are not as excited about your product, then there is no way you prospects are going to be excited to buy from you. I must have been getting really into it because by the end of it, I felt like I was the audience on the whiteboard and mapping things out, it was pretty crazy. I know it was the reason why I was so excited and then she actually took interest in how it all worked is the reason that she understood it. She understood the content as I was walking her through and talking to her about, everything like that just made sense.


#00:04:05-8#                Number one thing, when you are explaining to someone the steps, whether your product is simple, whether it is difficult, you do not know what is the easiest product to market and all, whatever the case might be, you need to keep in mind that there are different levels of learning and how it all works so you need to make sure that whatever you are doing, it works, it makes sense, that it is simple.


#00:04:37-8#                Basically, if you want to educate a prospect, a friend, or whoever, on your product and service, you need to be excited. You need to be super enthusiastic in what you are doing, and how it is working. You need to lay it out for them clearly so that they get excited as you are about it.


#00:04:55-3#                It was so funny because when I am on the phone with people, whether it is someone who is talking about a product — I have talked to so many business owners, whether it is through blogging with sales funnels or through my own website, or whatever the case may be, you have tons of [unclear] with the business owner and I am like, so what do you do. They say like I am a chess coach or I talk to people and give them lessons, you can hear it is so dry, there is no excitement, there is no enthusiasm, there is nothing. I am like, do you even want to stay in this room, don’t you want to be out in the cold, and do you want to grow your business, there is nothing. That is one big thing.


#00:05:30-7#                The second thing is to make it simple and use examples. Compare scenario to another scenario that you can relate to. For example, when I was talking about what a funnel was, I explained that a good example of this is when you go onto a website and you are looking for site, then you go back to you Facebook account, and you realize that the same company is advertising [unclear] that you were looking for [unclear] then all of a sudden you have hotels and [unclear] coming up in your news feed for the days that you are looking to travel. That is one example, then from there next we shoot through the funnel, while helping you through booking that experience. That is how a booking company or a travel company works when they are doing their sales funnel. The student says oh that makes sense, so when I am looking for a funnel, [unclear]. Use an example, use analogies. Use something really easy to understand and to grasp because it will it a whole lot easier for the person to understand. You speak their language, that is the big thing. When you are looking at copywriters, when they are writing copies for a sales letter or anything like that, they always use the language the actual prospect understands. Whether you are looking at a Ryan Levesque’s site who does the survey funnel formula, what he does is a deep dive survey with his audience, finds out what their number one challenge is, what is the biggest issue they are facing, that is the number one question he asks them before he goes into any market. The reason he does that is, number one to find out the objections and number two, he wants to find out what type of language are they using in their funnels. These people are going to come to you and say that my number one challenge with losing weight is that I cannot get belly fat off from around my stomach or I am striving with all the sugary food in my diet, and so on, whatever the issue is, these are all the different things that they will be telling you, that they are going to use a particular language. For example, if I was talking about being unable to lose weight, I might say, here is the number way to cut down sugar. But if you have done a survey, you might find out that their biggest issue is rationing sugar, or having only a selection of treats from their [unclear], their macros, or their calories. They might say, hey look I am trying to eat less calories that have sugary foods, then you will change your lead magnet or your offer, or your email marketing newsletter, whatever it is, to start talking about calories and losing weight or whatever.


#00:08:26-4#                Second point, always use the language of the prospect that you [unclear]. They are literally telling you how to sell to them. That is the way I see it. In this case, I was just teaching someone, but when you are actually writing a sales letter, or whatever, even just with social media content, you want to make sure that you are actually writing to people and you are communicating with people in language that they understand, that they speak with, that they communicate with, that is cool in their circle.


#00:08:57-7#                It is funny, in high school, one thing we focused on, which now comes back as valuable is jargon, or the concept of using jargon. Jargon is essentially a language which only one community or group of individuals know, and it separates people from those in the group to people out of the group. For example, if you are looking at politics and things like that, they might use terms and words that only politicians understand versus the rest of the world. That is political jargon. Or Internet marketers — if I say VSL, that is jargon, because only a marketer will understand that it stands for video sales letter. So there are different types of jargon out there. You have to find out the jargon that is used in your industry before going into that industry and start selling. Before you start saying my funnels are not working, it is not selling, it is a piece of shit, the reason for that is because you messed in your copy, there is no jargon. That is point number two.


#00:10:01-5#                Point number three, last point. The way to actually keep your clients interested in what you are saying, to teach them to break things down, is do not just be audio, do not just be visual, do not just be [unclear], everyone learns differently. When I was actually standing there with a whiteboard, I was showing examples; I was doing a whole bunch of things. I was hitting the [unclear], I was hitting the being out there, showing them using hand gestures, and thing in person, the other part I was using was visual, I was showing them examples on the whiteboard, I was breaking it down, I love whiteboard drawings, that is something I find really valuable, and the other one was auditory. I was actually telling them, walking them through it as I was drawing and putting everything together. Making sure that you can keep your audience as much as possible on all the different levels because your audience do not just learn through audio. They do not just learn through a long sales letter, they do not just learn through doodle drawings and images. They learn through all of the above. You are going to have a percentage which love actually going out there and playing with it and doing it before they can actually master something, before they can learn something and take it on board.


#00:11:02-0#                What that means is you need to start teaching through videos, you need to start teaching through case studies, you need to start teaching through constant email, reading content, through photos, through drawings, you need to start testing in a whole different variety of ways. There is no one group fits all method. For the people that say they find it easy to concentrate on sales letter, of course you will find people that [unclear] versus another, and a hundred percent, you need to be split-testing this every single day. You need to find out, alright I sent out an email today which was 800-words, then I sent out another email yesterday which was 150-words, which was just a link to an mp3 or audio that pretty much was breaking the [unclear] out loud. Which one did add up. You test that a few different time zones, a few different topics over a few different days, and you start to see which ones do [unclear] up. But now the problem is people are going to be like the audio clip did better in my email marketing or the responder, let us do all of them like that. No, not everyone is going to understand that. If you saturate all audio clips, or if you saturate videos all day, if you saturate this or that all day and you focus just on that, you screw yourself because everyone is different. There will always be a ten percent or twenty percent of the market that want to learn through a different mechanism, rather than the one you are putting out, so make sure you cater to everybody. That is another thing I picked up.


#00:12:19-4#                Between those three points, you really want to make the most of teaching your prospects, making sure you are getting the message across. It is funny, I started watching a few different launches go live over the last few days, in the last few weeks I have actually even participated in one, and they are doing a great job. I have to give it to them, some of them are doing a lot better than others. But across all of them, they focus on one primary piece of content, one primary form of media, one primary form of text or whatever. You really need to provide people a whole different range of ways to reach you, connect with you, and engage with you. Whether that be doing [unclear], whether that be on Snapchat, whether that be through video series, whether that be through [unclear], or one-on-calling. What about spending five minutes on the phone with someone saying cool, we are going to do one-on-one-calling, I am going to answer your questions one-on-one and we are going to figure this out, and it is all going to be hunky-dory. You need to figure that stuff out and find out what works for your market, where to get value, and how people find most value, because for me, this is an example. I remember Gary Vaynerchuk, this was about four years ago now. When you are starting to get big, I found this out from my first keynote that got quite popular, and then it blew up. But at that time, he was starting to get into Spreecast, which was essentially like a Blab, and he got lucky in his investment in Spreecast obviously, he was helping on that, and he was one of their biggest influencers. He was doing a Spreecast, and what happened was, I remember just being on there and I think it was one of his first book launches and he was just answering questions one-on-one, and he pulled me on at a camera and it was just me and him, and a couple of thousand of other people on their live as well, and we just had a jam, we just had a chat, and this was definitely when I had my mobile up, I was like, what is the best way to get an app created and he answered my question, then that stuck with me for ages. That one encounter, that is what stuck with me, but for others, it might be a blog post. If you see a blog post, which is just amazing, and it resonates and it clicks with you and you always want to get back to it, and the lessons in there are amazing, that will click with someone. Just a little bit of a heads up, you have to be everywhere. That is what I am getting at. Your live streaming, Facebook is doing that a lot, so that may be another platform. Your blogs, your podcasts, your Blabs, there is a million different things to do, but you have to be everywhere.


#00:14:37-1#                Do not spread yourself too thin, obviously you have to focus yourself on some, but systemize it, be everywhere, because if you are not, your competitors will be. It is not only that. You have people on your list that want to learn differently. They are not going to just want Facebook Live, they are not going to just do [unclear], they might want long blog posts. You have to think stuff up yourself, you have to really adjust, and you have to make sure that you are hitting everybody in the head the right way, so that they are getting a lot of value out of everything.


#00:15:04-8#                That is may little takeaway for today guys. If you are marketing, if you are involved in all of that, then you just need to be taking the most out of that and hopefully you guys can walk away with something there. That is all guys, I am at soccer, I hope you guys have an amazing day. I will come back. We have a few podcasts lined up so stay tuned they are coming. Take care guys; I will speak to you soon. Hit me up in the comments below or if you want you can leave a review on the podcast because I know we have been getting a lot of reviews. One more thing I want to leave with is this, with your content, I have been putting a lot of content over a couple of years now, so you faithful followers, I appreciate you all, and if you just joined recently what tends to happen quite recently is that you will actually listen to a podcast like this one but then you will like it so much that you back and finish like a Marketing On The Move binge, and go back and listen to all the other interviews and knowledge bombs that have been dropped. I really like that and I think that works pretty well, and I think people are going to start doing that more and more. So keep that in mind, when you are putting content out that people are going to go through all your content so you have to make sure you are everywhere and that your content will be listened to even if it is a year old. I know I have done that with a ton of different podcasts and marketer’s content. So keep that in mind guys. I am here. I am going to let you go, I’ll catch you later, have an awesome day.





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