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The Internet Marketer’s Guidebook To Facebook Groups

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So it’s becoming more and more evident that Facebook groups (not pages) are the hub to network and stay connected online with real marketers.

It’s no wonder though.

Where else would you go?

A forum?

Who’s got time for that these days.

We want to have everything together in one place, and for most people that place is Facebook.

I can’t even count how many $2,000+ funnel clients I’ve acquired over Facebook messages and Facebook groups.

It definitely rivals a lot of other forms of my traffic (although it’s obviously not scalable).

But today I want to give you a nice and organised run down of how to use marketing groups to get ahead as an internet marketer or business owner.

There’s so many groups out there, so sometimes it’s hard to decide on the ones to be apart of.

Why Would You Join A Facebook Group?

I hear it all the time, “I just joined this awesome Facebook group man, you should totally have a look”.

Then two weeks in, my Facebook newsfeed, it becomes a pitchfest and filled with affiliate links and idiots thinking they’re Warren Buffet or Donald Trump who think they’ve made billions already…

Sound familiar to you?

…*Leaves Group*

So what motivations and goals should you have before you join a free or paid Facebook group as a business owner or marketer?

There’s two main ones…

1. Content & Value Driven

To look for new and up to date content.

The right Facebook groups have a great collection of content, courses, strategies, videos, photos etc.

I know there’s a couple of groups I’m involved in which have very impressive content ‘banks’ where people are willing to add to everyday.

So if you’re looking for content, Facebook groups can be a great choice for you.

With Facebook’s search bar in the top right hand corner of every Facebook group, you’ll have the opportunity to search through a wealth of past posts and discussions to see if the question you have has already been answered or not.

If the group you’re involved in is active or has been around for a while, then you’ll likely find answers to your questions or threads which will point you in the right direction immediately.

On top of that, you’ll also be able to see who these people are who are answering and asking these questions so you can reach out to them directly over Facebook.

No fluff, just go straight to the source of the answer.

2. Powerful Networking Opportunities

It’s weird.

When I started out looking into Facebook groups and seeing who was active in each one, I was really surprised by some of the big names commenting and getting in there.

Naturally you’d think a lot of big players sit underground or only catch up in masterminds behind closed doors.

But who would’ve thought that they come out to play in a paid Facebook group worth only $37 or $97 per month right?

For me personally, I find the networking opportunities in Facebook groups one of the most valuable commodities for the price you pay.

There’s a couple of ways you can approach being active and dominate in a Facebook group that work depending on your business.

1. Becoming A Known Authority By Posting Authoritative Content Natively In Long Posts/Statuses (300 Words or More)

2. Reaching Out To People Directly Or Commenting With A+ Feedback

The first option can really put you in the spotlight if you stay consistent with your posting (every 3–4 days usually works well) and go deep on your speciality (E.g. Posting every 3–4 days on awesome email marketing strategies for the members in the community).

By doing this you’ll see that people begin to add you personally on Facebook and reach out to you for work too.

The second option is engaging in posts which are floating around on the forum already and doing a quick 10–15mins of researching and delivering a response which blows everyone away.

One of those real home run replies, you know the ones?

The ones you screenshot of bookmark because even if you never refer back to it, you just know the content is killer.

Here’s a full status from Rob Terrio on “How to Make Millions as a Marketer Without Doing The Marketing…” which received a great reception:

1 Greg Davis

How To Join A New Facebook Group And Dominate From The Get-Go

So here’s a basic strategy you can use if you’re a marketer and enter a Facebook Group (paid or free) to really position yourself as an authority.

  1. Make a Badass Introduction While Delivering Kickass Value

Some Facebook groups have rules when it comes to what type of introductions you should do, but here’s a template you can start with.

Hey Guys!

My name’s [insert name] and I’m a marketer who [insert profession] and [insert other point of difference you do]. I found this group via [friend’s name] and my goal is to deliver some awesome strategies and value on [content type] while learning new strategies to propell my business forward online.

Now I know everyone’s different, but if you’re comfortable sharing numbers and being transparent on the numbers you’re doing, this will usually increase the engagement with your post.

We just hit [income past month] last month through [income method] and are looking to hit [new income goal] next month.

This next part is crucial.

Offering completely free value upfront in your introduction is a very undervalued ice breaker into a Facebook group and you can expect it to be taken up by members straight off the bat (especially if you’ve openly and transparently shared your numbers with them and they’re typically higher than the members would make in that group).

Lastly, I also want to extend a free gift to everyone in the group. I’d like to do a 15 minute strategy session on [insert your profession/niche] and help you overcome [insert problem].

By putting together a post like this in a new Facebook group where you’re not already known you’ll open yourself up to the masses through your transparency and value.

It works every time.

Then going forward like I touched on above, you want to start delivering some awesome value.

I like to do this by splintering my offers on my websites or blog posts which I may have already written or talked about.

So one way I do that is go back through old content and Facebook posts which I’ve shared and re-post my value in the group to make it more appropriate and actionable.

Start doing this for a month consistently (that means about 7–10 new posts in the first month) and you’ll start seeing a flood of people adding you on Facebook and tagging you as in other conversations once people become familiar in what you do.

Remember, it’s all about engagement and giving value.

Should I Join Paid or Free Facebook Groups?

Great question.

And I get it all the time.

But to be honest, if you don’t see the value in joining a paid group already, you won’t appreciate my answer.

Putting Facebook groups aside for a moment.

Spending money to hang around other people does one thing.

Do you know what it is?

It raises the bar.

So I used to do a lot of high jump all through high school. And what happens is when you enter a competition with 15 entrants, you all try to jump a specific height.

As you all clear the bar, the height of the bar gets moved up.

As the height of the bar gets moved up, people begin to knock the bar and can’t clear it.

This leaves only the strongest competitors at the end of the competition to compete.

Similarly to being involved in paid Facebook groups, the higher the price goes, the more people begin to knock the bar off the stand and have to be left out due to financial restraints.

This leaves the inexperienced and people who don’t take the game (or experience and resources in the Facebook group) seriously enough out.

And this works from membership sites like paid Facebook groups all the way to $25,000+ masterminds with only 5–10 people.

The more hoops you make people jump through, the more exclusive and valuable a group becomes.

So the best way to decide if you want to join a paid Facebook group is:

  1. Decide on your goal of the group. Are you joining the group for content or the network?
  2. Will you benefit financially via the content or long term by the people you surround yourself with?
  3. Are the people in the group ahead of you financially or are you the smartest person in the room? (…never be the smartest person in the room)

Cool, So Are There Any Facebook Groups You Recommend?

So I’m personally involved in a handful of groups on Facebook some paid or not so here’s my 2 cents review on a couple to keep an eye on.

[Paid] Next Level Mastermind (NLM) – Ryan Levesque
Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.28.26 pm

Cost: $97 USD/month
Engagement Level: High
Content Level: Beginner-Advanced

This is probably one of best internet marketing Facebook groups that’s around at the moment. It’s got a wealth of information within the archives with a member count sitting at around 1.5k (fluctuates depending on launches held). I also like their price point because it’s kind of like a mini bridge to a mastermind ($1200 USD or $1700ish AUD the way the exchange rate is going for us Australians).

It also comes with Ryan’s survey funnel software and a forum which has a lot of the content organised off Facebook for easy access. This is one of my go-to forums for marketing advice where a lot of mutual friends are and I can generally get feedback quickly.

After the most recent launch it has been directed a little further away from internet marketing with a higher variety of users entering therefore losing a bit of it’s IM spark it used to have earlier on, but none the less it’s well managed, extremely active and a great resource to have on hand.

[Free] DotComSecrets

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.28.51 pm

Engagement Level: Medium-High
Content Quantity: Beginner-Medium

This group is run by Russell Brunson and the team at DotComSecrets. It’s a great marketing group for beginners who are looking at topics like email marketing, product launches and a bit on funnels and paid ads. While it is a great group with a lot of value, it’s not as closely monitored as Ryan Levesque’s paid group above.

If you’re looking for a free Facebook group with a wide variety of internet marketers at different levels in their business, this might suit you. They have a total of 8,077 members in the group.

[Paid] DM Engage – Digital Marketer

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.29.52 pm

Cost: $37 USD/month
Engagement Level: High
Content Quantity: Medium

Digital Marketer’s membership site also has a Facebook group which includes a lot of value and content on an array of digital marketing topics. As the price point is a little lower than NLM, it’s able to cater to a wider audience of marketers too (that, and digital marketer are also epic marketers themselves).

Attached to their $37/month price tag includes a full off Facebook membership site where they give you action maps and webinars on a regular basis with guest experts (similarly to NLM again).

They have a total member base of 7,200 people currently.

I’ll continue to add to this list (or alternatively may add a section in the resources page with these too) as I find more and see where the value is.

As a note, there’s A LOT more out there, but I left probably 20+ groups at the beginning of the year to cut out all the shit in my newsfeed.

Don’t forget to really prune the content which flies in and out of your newsfeed on a regular basis.

At The End Of The Day..

So at the end of the day, there’s value all around you.

Whether it be behind closed doors, invitation only, behind a monthly fee…whatever the case may be your net worth, is your network.

I highly advise joining and surrounding yourself with the highest of level business owners and marketers so you’re consistently the dumbest person in the room. That’s what I’ve been doing to this day and it keeps pushing you forward.

Let me know in the comments below, are you part of any internet marketing groups? Leave a mention of them, below and I’ll be sure to check them out

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