Clickfunnels vs. LeadPages Ongoing Features Battle (Real-time Updates) 2017


Clickfunnels Marketplace:

Also on the agenda is a marketplace (similar to the one launched at LeadPages) which will allow people to share and sell their high converting funnels. From the editor you”ll have the ability to sell your funnel to the marketplace (will have things like reviews and much more). I wasn’t personally at the event to hear this but I’m a little worried that people can purchase a funnel then may be able to share it for free. But hopefully they address this and make it easy for people to sell their sales funnels.

Clickfunnels Summary:

So overall, Clickfunnels has been making some major developments to their platform (all the while their support team has still been doing a fantastic job). Really looking forward to how the affiliates roll out goes and how smooth it’ll be for people’s launches at the beginning. No doubt there’ll be issues here and there, but hopefully it doesn’t upset too many affiliates during a live launch!


Let’s talk about LeadPages for a little bit. It’s been a while since I’ve spoken about the platform upgrades which LeadPages has been doing so I though I’d go a bit deeper this time into some of their changes too.


New Landing Page Designs:

It’s really awesome to see LeadPages continuing to stay on top of releasing great looking and high converting landing pages. I have to hand it to them and say that their landing page designs are still much cleaner and attractive than those of Clickfunnels (however that might changes as the marketplace launches and people begin to up their game).

LeadPages has launched pages for things like:

  • Podcast Landing Pages
  • VSL Pages
  • Updated Webinar Host Pages
  • eCommerce Marketing Pages
  • Bonus Pages
  • Social Share Thank You Pages
  • Quiz Pages
  • Google Hang Out Webinar Pages
  • Call to Action Pages
  • Simple Email Capture Pages
  • And Many More…

It’s really nice to have this great library of landing pages at your finger tips and be able to continue to build on them.

FEATURED DOWNLOAD:  Get the complete ClickFunnels vs. LeadPages comparison sheet and find out exactly which features each software has to offer:  (Download Here)

LeadPages Jobs Board:

LeadPages released a ‘jobs board’ which now allows people to post and apply for jobs to do with LeadPages. This includes anything from copywriting, driving traffic, updating templates and more. So if you’re looking for someone to go in and optimize your LeadPages or setup your LeadPages and funnel for you, that is now a real option. Jobs start at $5 per hour and go up to $100 per hour. The various job categories include:

  • Conversion Rate Optimiser
  • Copywriter
  • Designer
  • Funnel Consultant
  • Template Developer
  • Other

This is a great resource if you’re looking for qualified marketers or consultants to help you with your landing page jobs. While the jobs on here are quite low end and time heavy, it’s a great resource to use if you’re just getting started.

LeadPages Summary:

So they’re the main areas of the software which LeadPages has focused on growing. I’m extremely interested to see whether they build out any further functionality to their editor or if it’ll stay the same going forward (even though there’s competitors around allowing more customisations to their platforms). Another thing which you should keep an eye on is the content strategy which LeadPages has been using and how they’l be using content to drive sign ups going forward. They are a head and shoulders ahead of their competitors with the content they product and it’s always interesting keeping an eye out on the strategies they use to continue to grow the business.


Overall I think both platforms have realised the industry is moving a lot quicker than it was this time last year which means more awesome features for us (the consumers). Keeping up to date on all the click funnels reviews and lead pages reviews which from users around the world can be difficult, so if you have any specific questions on either of these 2 company’s products be sure to leave a comment below.

Look forward to our next update soon!

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21 responses to “Clickfunnels vs. LeadPages Ongoing Features Battle (Real-time Updates) 2017”

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  3. Avatar Wayne Rosa says:

    Hey Stephen been following your, clickfunnels / leadpages conquest.
    Im up near the goldcoast and about to start my new life as an Internet Marketer. I’ve been hanging around the fringes for a few years, and now am a victim of middle age retrenchment via the mining industry falling down here in Australia. I am middle aged but have been a linux dude since the 90’s and done an advanced diploma in C/C++ just for my own knowledge so not a complete dill. Just thought I’d say hello since your another Aussie. Great information you are providing. I’m pretty sure sometime this week I’ll bite the bullet and get my hands on clickfunnels, can’t wait to start reading Russells book as well.
    I think I’m gunna start a following by helping other middle age retrenchment victims on there way to making an online living, I’m pretty sure most of us are sick of being a sheep and doing the 9 to 5 thing.

    Wayne Rosa

    • Hey Wayne,

      Thanks for reaching out! Would love to help another Aussie up and coming marketer out with his projects.

      Love your enthusiasm given your current situation.

      What I’d reccomend you do if starting out down that road is:

      1. Start a Blog ASAP

      Use this blog as a platform to be as transparent about your situation as possible and share your positive and negative experiences as you get into the industry.

      2. Resources List

      I’m releasing a ‘Resources’ list with essentials for marketers which I highly reccommend you use!

      3. Start Listening to Podcasts

      Begin with mine (obviously) links in the menu – and search through iTunes for a couple of others like Entrepreneur on Fire.

      If I can help you further let me know in the comments below!

      – Stehen Esketzis

  4. Avatar Nir Yogev says:

    Does clickfunnels have complete rtl support?

  5. Hi Stephen
    All this information has blown me away! I am well into Brunson’s book and following up with some online research. I can’t believe how quickly this guy is putting up AMAZING innovations with the clickfunnel service. I would love to chat to you more about this – I’m also an Aussie with a keen interest in using this technology to help people overcome workplace bullying, learn mindfulness and develop their intuition. I’ve been studying online marketing for a few years now, but yet to make it all come together in a streamlined fashion.

  6. Avatar Shelly Mazer says:

    Hey Stephen,
    Great articles! My question is, do I need a separate shopping cart with Clickfunnels? I have the new Samcart, because I want to have coupons, but I’m frustrated about needing so many different providers, for email marketing, shopping cart, surveys, landing pages, etc., when I’m just getting started and not yet making money. Can I have discount coupons in Clickfunnels? Or do I just create separate pages for promotional rates to a group? Thanks for all the helpful info!

    • Hey @shellymazer:disqus,

      I feel ya, it’s frustrating using multiple services when you get your business up and running.

      If you have a look at my resources page, you’ll see my go-to list of resources but what I’d recommend for you is:

      – ClickFunnels – $97/mo (Incl. Surveys, landing pages)
      – ActiveCampaign – $9/mo (Autoresponder/Email Marketing)
      – Stripe – Free (Fee is based on transaction like PayPal)

      Clickfunnels (to my knowledge) doesn’t work with discount coupons yet, but definitely send through a support ticket and get a solid response.

      Hopefully this clears a bit up!

  7. Avatar HollywoodTwinkle says:

    Hi Stephen, has there been any discussion about Click Funnels’ fees for unique visitor overages? Right now, their Enterprise package allows for 100,000 unique visitors per month. I cannot find anything on Click Funnels’ site – or elsewhere – that outlines the fees when your funnel(s) exceed that number. As this is my first foray into creating sales funnels, I want to be aware of all potential costs. Thanks – and great write-up. 🙂

    • Hey @HollywoodTwinkle:disqus,

      As I understand it, now with their pricing changes you have free range with their unique visitors to your funnel on their enterprise level ($297/mo plan).

      If you have any hesitations I know their support desk has always been super helpful!

  8. Avatar Rocki Roads says:

    Stephan, your article is highly controversial. I have been reading up on leadpages for the past couple of hours and this article stands out based off of what you’re saying, I find what you wrote highly controversial.

    How do you respond?

  9. Avatar Kevin McC. says:

    LeadPages just rolled out an analytics update, didn’t they? Any feedback on how that compares with ClickFunnels on the analytics side?

    • Avatar taylen24 says:

      I think you might be thinking of Instapage, which has a brand new analytics dashboard that just rolled out (

      • Avatar Kevin McC. says:

        Yep – getting my tools mixed up. Thanks, taylen24.

        • Yeah…Instapage’s CEO came here and started offering an unlimited free software subscription in return for a positive review on my blog so not a big fan of theirs.

          We’ll see how they play out though anyway…

          As for LeadPages, I know they’re releasing a new builder and also releasing “Center”.

          Will update the post when the new builder comes out.

          • Avatar Kevin McC. says:

            Yes, I did hear about the new LP builder today. Sounds like they realized resistance was futile. If it works as advertised, the new builder seems to make their product much more appealing. Using a proven template as a baseline might make sense, but the inability to do much customization is what made me hesitate about LP. How much testing could you really do being locked into what appeared to be a fairly rigid set of templates? I’ll keep an eye out for the update. Thanks again.

  10. Avatar Kevin McC. says:

    And thanks for the great overview, by the way!

  11. Avatar Paolo Cima says:

    Hey Stephen,
    it seems your content upgrade link is broken!
    Take a look 🙂

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