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Launching Your First Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Conversions

Building a sales funnel online is no easy task. You can become easily overwhelmed with everything going on.

So let me outline some of the steps to launching your product and building a winning sales funnel.

1. Selecting a Niche To Sell In

The first step in building out a sales funnel for your business is selecting a niche you want to build your product around.

There’s a squillion different niches available which you can build a funnel for. Some of the largest niches for internet marketers and affiliates include:Choosing Your Niche

  • Weight Loss
  • Skincare
  • Personal Development
  • Making Money Online
  • Fitness Products
  • Dating
  • Health Products
  • Insurance & Finance

These are some of the larger verticals in the market which see a lot of traffic.

There’ll never be a lack of people online looking to lose weight or make money, that’s for sure.

You might already be in an industry you’re taking advantage of or you might want to jump into bed with a new niche. Either way, once you choose your niche, you’re one step closer to building out your sales funnel.

2. Choose Your Product Type or Service

When launching a sales funnel, you need to be aware of the various products or services you’d like to offer your customers.

No matter what product or service you offer, whether it’s online or offline you’ll be able to build out a sales funnel around it to maximize your profits.

There’s different ways to select the product or service you want to offer for you niche which will allow you to price your products accordingly. For example, by offering a membership site at a $37/month price tag, you can use that as an entry touch point to you as a seller which can then ascend to higher priced items using a sales funnel like yearly masterminds or high ticket services like one on one coaching.

3. Decide On Your Sales Funnel Layout

This is the core fundamentals of building out a sales funnel that converts.

Building the actual funnel.

There’s a variety of sales funnels you can use to release your product or service to the market with which will maximize profits, but here’s a quick preview of some of the most commonly used funnel types you can consider using before launching your sales funnel:

  • Tripwire Funnel
  • Membership Funnel
  • Free Plus S&H Funnel
  • Video Series Funnel
  • Webinar Funnel
  • Automated Webinar Funnel
  • Survey Funnel
  • Educational Bridge
  • Invisible Funnel
  • And many more…

Each of these funnel types work well in different industries, businesses and can be manipulated to grow a company from a couple of hundred dollars a day to millions of dollars per year.

Your funnel type is simply the bread and butter of what your business is built on, while the fillings of your ‘funnel sandwich‘ are the elements like Headlines, Tracking, Split Tests, Ad Creative and more.

But once you’ve decided on a skeleton of a funnel you want to use for your sales funnel, move on to step number four.

4. Start With A Converting Funnel

Boom! You’ve chosen a funnel you want to build around your product or service.

But hang on there champ. Before you go wondering off into the amazon rain forest with a pack of gum and a flash light.

Don’t you think it’d be wise to make sure that you start with what’s working already?

That way you don’t need to waste your time and money on ads, emails headlines and landing pages which don’t convert.Funnel Conversion Techniques

Pick Up a spy too like AdBeat on a trial and do your research to see what types of landing pages, ads and keywords the smart marketers and affiliates are using in the market at the moment. See what people are spending money on, how long they’ve been spending money on them.

**Quick Hint** – People don’t spend money running ad campaigns for 205 days straight if they’re losing money.

This will allow you to go through and see what funnels are currently being used and working in your industry.

Now take this a step further and go through your competitors products and pull apart their funnel.

Purchase their products, their trials, their upsells, their downsells. Are they using affiliate links? Where’s the traffic going, to a landing page or their homepage? Do they follow up with an email sequence? How many days is the email sequence?

These are all questions you should have answers for when ‘funnel hacking’ your competitors so you’re ready to go with your funnel and get off on the best foot possible.

5. Optimize, Test and Profit

Finally after you’ve seen what’s working and have ‘funnel hacked’ yours to the same level and launched it in the marketplace, it’s time to beginning tweaking and testing to make it a positive ROI (if it’s not already).

It’s not easy to launch a profitable campaign straight out of the gate, in fact it’s really rare to start sending paid traffic to a site which hasn’t been tested and start seeing it make a profit.

But that’s the beauty of working with sales funnels.

Once you have something to work with you can test, test, test!aero

Split testing your landing page, ad creative, ad copy, targeting, email sequence copy, sales copy, webinar pitch, slide deck….that’s all part of marketing online.

Once you start seeing $1 go into paid traffic to your sales funnel and seeing $1 come out the other end, that sales funnel could change your life.

What this means is you can now generate leads, signups and customers at no cost to you. Did you hear me…NO COST TO YOU.

If sirens aren’t going off in your head right now there’s something wrong.

The next step is taking your funnel into the green and putting in $1 and having $2 come out on the other end. This is where you can begin to start scaling your business, revenue and profits. (This is where the real fun begins).

Because at the end of the day, net profit is what matters.

The money that’s banked at the end of the day.

Not revenue, not minimizing expenses, not cheap clicks…just profit.

Every ‘Funnel Architect’ Needs The Right Tools

When you go out into the world and want to build a sales funnel (by the way, I call these people ‘sales funnel architects’) you need to make sure you have the right tools at your disposal.

I put together this EPIC Resources List which you won’t find anywhere else. Take a look.

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