Speaking and Interviews

Interviews & Speaking

Thanks for your interest in interviewing me!

If you are from the traditional media world (TV, Radio, Print) then please use the form on this page to email me directly with the subject: “Attn Stephen: Media Request – [Company Name]’ and my assistant will organize your request accordingly.

Podcast Interview Requestswant-to-speak-home

So my schedule chops and changes pretty often give my line of business with interviews, clients work from around the world in different time zones (when you’re from Australia it makes things tough).

However don’t let that sway you when you reach out to me for a podcast interview. (If I let that stop me for all of my interviews I reached out to do, I’d only be recording myself!)

When sending me a request using the form below, this is how it should be set out to get the quickest reply and booking.

Skype ID:
Podcast Name:
3 Main Topics/Themes of Your Podcast:
Estimated Audience Size The Interview Will Reach: (Don’t let this one worry you if you’re starting out new. I’ve been there myself and know how hard it is, this is just so I can get an idea of your audience and won’t affect whether the interview is setup or not)
Length Of Interview Episode:
Video Or Audio Based:
Proposed Interview Month:
Your Scheduling Link: (If you don’t already have one of these, I HIGHLY recommend you do get one from a service like ScheduleOnce like I use. It’ll make your life a lot easier).

Live Speaking

I regularly get approached to do live events surrounding the topics of internet marketing, funnel building and more which I absolutely love doing and sharing with others.

Whether you’re looking at holding an event around Australia or internationally on the sales funnel concept you can contact me directly using the form below. I’m well aware how boring and mind numbing your regular presenters can be…who wants to have one of them speak at your event right?

If you’re looking for someone high energy with enthusiasm on the topic of conversation, then you’ll love what I have to offer.

Please provide as many details about your event as possible using the contact form below and we’ll be able to talk further.