The "Done With You" Coaching Program For Your Sales Funnel Growth

The 3 Month Sprint For Hyper Growth Of Your Sales Funnels

The Funnel Lab is a private coaching program where a tight knit group of business owners focus exclusively on building and scaling profitable sales funnels for their business.

What Are Some Of The Topics

That Are Covered In The Lab?









What Makes The Funnel Lab Different

From Other Coaching Programs and Masterminds?




  • Learn bite sized plug in and play takeaways you can roll out in your business today to see results.
  • Overwhelming training on topics you don't care about or need just to "fill up" the membership.
  • A consistently updated and maintained selection of resources.
  • Outdated tid-bits that are all over the place and never get updated.
  • A passionate group of business owners and marketers who use the community as a place to ask questions and get feedback on their sales funnels.
  • A bunch of people who signed up for a promotion once and now no longer engage with the group.
  • I'm in the lab day in day out answering questions and getting involved in the conversation.
  • The founder of the group starts the membership area but never has the time to be involved.
  • I'm in the lab day in day out answering questions and getting involved in the conversation.


  • No engagement directly one on one with the founder to discuss issues you're facing

About Stephen Esketzis

Now you might be wondering, "who the hell are you to start a community about sales funnels, you're not a guru!"

Well you're right, I'm definitely not a guru, and don't plan to be one! However I believe I do have enough experience working with sales funnels to lead the way.

Some of the work I've been involved in includes:

  • Spending 3 years full time building sales funnels for my clients (working on 6, 7 and even 8 figure funnels)
  • Spending thousands of hours reverse engineering and re-building sales funnels in my own time
  • Built my own companies outside of the internet marketing industry from scratch using sales funnels (grown to multiple 6 figures and on track to hit much more...)
  • Used sales funnels to be the #1 affiliate for a multi-million dollar software company
  • Attend almost every major sales funnel related event during the year, travelling across the globe to stay up to date in terms of content and networking with other high achievers in the industry.
  • Developed (and is developing more) custom software to aid in the sales funnel building process for marketers
I've been featured in...

What's Included?

Private Funnel Lab Facebook Mastermind Community

The Funnel Lab Facebook group is specifically around building, growing and scaling sales funnels. We leveraged the power of Facebook to make the group easy to access, and even easier to stay active. Learn from members who are currently running sales funnels that work and implement their
working strategies into your business.

The content which is shared in the The Funnel Lab is really bar-none when it comes to sales funnel specific conversation. Types of posts you can expect to see in The Funnel Lab Facebook community include:

  • Funnels In The Wild (Broken Down) - These are funnels which people see online which are shown to the group to highlight strategies being used which are being executed well and how members can learn from them
  • Success Stories & Case Studies - From time to time when members have wins, they'll be sharing their takeaways and how they got to where they are now. This saves thousands of dollars in time and money so you can learn from people who have already made the mistakes before you.
  • Contributions & Answers - If you ask The Funnel Lab, you'll be getting a response to your answer one way or the other. This isn't a "dead group". The peer to peer support and top down support to get your questions answered or point you in the right direction it the top priority.

I've known Steve for a long time and am super impressed by the results he's generated with online sales funnels. He's personally shown me behind the scenes of an affiliate funnel he built that generates multiple 6 figures per year as well as a hardcore quiz funnel he's recently built in the health niche that I'm sure he'll scale to 6 or 7 figures with his skill set. If you're a complete newbie or doing 6-7 figures, you can learn a lot from Steve.

— Ricky Baldasso, Metric Driven Marketer CEO & Founder

Weekly Q&A Webinar And Monthly “No Pitch” Training

[Co-Hosted By Stephen & Experts]

While this membership group isn't a training area, I'll be bringing in experts and running a content webinar every month to add extra value to your lab enrollment. We'll also be hosting weekly live Q&As so that if you have a question you're struggling with in your sales funnel we can address it there and then.

Sales funnels are broad topics which have a lot of different areas that need to be covered to make them work, so to get the best information to you, we'll be bringing on experts from different specialties to give you the best knowledge possible as a perk of joining The Funnel Lab (without the slimy pitches).

Not only will there be calls held monthly, but they'll be documented and saved in the member's area for future reference.

You'll be able to follow along the recorded webinars even if you missed them live.

I've worked with Stephen on a handful of my projects which required building a sales funnel to capture incoming leads. We've taken websites with 0 traffic and no brand reputation in the industry and turned them into generating thousands of leads per month with Stephen's help using sales funnels.

— Joash Boyton, Rank Networks CEO & Founder

Private Freelancer Rolodex

For All Your Sales Funnel Service Needs

What's the most asked question every time I step into a room?

- Who did your design for x?
- Where did you get the site developed?
- Which tool are you currently using for x?
- Who's running your Facebook Ads?
- How are you finding out which traffic your competitors are using?
- Who wrote your copy?

This is why I've put my most prized possession into the member's area which is exclusively offered in this launch. It's a handmade rolodex of everyone I know who you can reach out to for a specific service or need anytime during your sales funnel building process.

If I had just this one tool when I started building funnels it would save me tens of thousands of dollars alone in working with the wrong people who couldn't get me the results I was looking for.

This resource alone is worth the price of the membership.

As a travel company, getting bookings online generally requires expensive website builds. With Stephen's incredible expertise, we built out a high converting sales funnel which enabled us to ditch the expensive website, start generating leads and increase our revenue.

— Robert Guillaume, Villariaz Travel CEO & Founder

A Full Time Funnel Builder On CALL For Your NEEDS

Exclusively For Funnel Lab Members

What if you had an expert in your corner building funnels?

So I'm doing something completely nuts, you'll be getting access to one of my secret weapons...

Whenever I need a sales funnel launched, I have my full time ClickFunnels ninja re-build me a funnel exactly like the one I've seen on the internet and then I can go in and make the changes I want.

Now for the first time ever, Funnel Lab members will be given access to my personal funnel builder to give requests to so he can also re-build pages you see in the wild into ClickFunnels for you on demand (reasonable turn around time applies depending on volume of requests).

You won't find this type of offer anywhere else.

Our video production company relies on a steady flow of leads and using sales funnels to turn those leads into clients. Stephen's an invaluable asset when it comes to finding out what's working and what needs changing in our sales funnel to make it convert. Based on Stephen's recommendation, we setup a completely new CRM and automation suite which has now led to increased conversions, productivity and revenue in our sales funnel.

— Anthony Lam, Punchy Digital Media CEO & Founder

Advertising &
Landing Page Swipe Vault v2.0

If you've been around, you'll remember my old "Screenshot Swipe Vault" which had 300+ popups, Facebook ads and banner ad designs for you to take inspiration from.

The project was closed down about 8 months ago, however I've had so much demand for it, I've decided to bring it back bigger and better.

We'll be re-building the Screenshot Swipe Vault 2.0 to bring you screenshots on:

  • Landing Pages
  • ​Sales Pages (Mobile, Sidebar, Newsfeed etc.)
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Popups
  • Native Banner Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Adwords Ads
  • And much, much more...

This will be launched over the duration of your membership and will be improved upon every week. You'll get to see different designs and strategies used as inspiration for your own sales funnels.

"...I want to give my high praise, high regard for Stephen. If you're looking for a ClickFunnels master, someone who's going to take care of it for you, get it done, get it out of your mind, out of your brain because you don't want to worry about all that, as a doctor I don't want to worry about all that stuff...Stephen really helped me out..."

— Dr. Christine Kaczmar, Consults That Convert CEO & Founder

Direct Voxer Access To Me 24/7

For Founding Members Only...

Imagine if you had a direct line to me whenever you wanted...

Would that be helpful to you?

At that moment when you just can't get your copy right or you need help when it comes to your analytics because you're struggling to setup your tracking...

This is where Voxer comes in.

You can "walkie-talkie" me whenever you want, leaving me a voice message, then when I'm available I can reply directly back to you... FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere.

After the founding members of The Funnel Lab have finished their 3 month program, the price is almost certainly going to increase, so you'll never see personal voxer access to me at this price ever again.

Virtual Hot seats For Your Sales Funnel

Quickfire Hot Seats With The Lab To Grill You On Your Strategy

One of the most powerful activities I've been involved in while being in a mastermind in the past has been "hot seats".

This is when we pull you up in front of your fellow Funnel Lab members bi-weekly and diagnose the problem that you're facing.

Everyone will have their opportunity to ask you questions and dive deep into the problem that you're having.

Then you'll be given solutions from the other members on how to overcome these issues based on their experience and my experience.

It's a very powerful way to handle issues quickly as a collective so you can take onboard feedback from different business owners.

WhAT Business Owners ARE SAYING...

— Mario Malik, CEO & Founder

— Kim Barrett, CEO & Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a complete sales funnel newbie, is this for me?

How long does the membership last for?

I can't afford the program, should I take out a loan or overdraft my credit card?

What type of business is their suited for?

What if I already have a successful sales funnel, will I still benefit from this?

If I want to leave, can I cancel my account?

How is The Funnel Lab delivered?

Will I need to buy any paid tools?

Can you look at my existing funnel(s) and tell me what to do?

Do I receive training with the membership site?

Is there any support contact if I have an issue?


Money Back Guarantee

I’m saying “Screw It” to the 7-day “industry standard” and instead I’m giving you a full 30 DAYS to go through the membership.

And if you reach out within 30 days to show me that you’ve joined the group, engaged with the group and made an effort to use the community's assets that are offered to you and for some CRAZY reason still haven't made your investment back, I'll be more than happy to return the investment.

But, you DO have to do some hard work. The Funnel Lab is for business owners who are committed to implementing sales funnels strategies and sharing ideas with one another. This is not a place to kick back and learn and sit dormant.

I want you to use every single piece of value in The Funnel Lab to the best of its ability so you can get an ROI.


"Your Network Is Your Net Worth"

The real reason I've put together this 3 month coaching program is to build a community you can rely on over time. This isn't some "turn your sales funnel into a cash generating machine over night" type of group.

Nor is this another "group" which gets tacked onto training areas to add perceived value to the program.

I've decided to build this program specifically for the community. Time after time I see people complaining about masterminds being too expensive and no one offering "real value" when it comes to building a funnel.

So finally you have a place to ask questions like,

Does anyone know a great place to pick up affiliates for my weight loss product? I'm looking to cross-promote my new webinar but I'm not getting much traction finding affiliates.

I'm looking to bring in another traffic source now that my sales funnel is picking up, which source should I move to next?

Help! My payment processor just shut me down! Who can I speak with to help me get back up and running ASAP! Anyone have a good recommendation?

I'm currently split testing testimonials on my checkout page and some verification badges, what other split tests would you recommend I try?

I'm running a Free Plus Shipping funnel importing my products from China but my freight costs are killing my margins, do you know any great fulfillment houses?

I just ran this Facebook Campaign, here are the stats and screenshots. I'm having trouble with the copy, does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve it?

You can finally feel comfortable asking questions like these to The Funnel Lab community and look forward to answers from other sales funnel builders who are in the trenches and have experience.

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  • Private Funnel Lab Facebook Mastermind Community
  • Monthly “No Pitch” Training [With Stephen & Experts]
  • Weekly 1 Hour Q&A Calls With The Lab To Answer Your Questions And Hold You Accountable
  • Private Freelancer Rolodex For All Your Sales Funnel Service Needs
  • Private 1 on 1 Voxer Walkie-Talkie access directly to Stephen 24/7
  • Full Time Funnel Builder On Hand To Re-build Your Landing Pages Into ClickFunnels
  • Advertising & Landing Page Swipe Vault v2.0

The Funnel Lab
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($500 Saving)

  • Private Funnel Lab Facebook Mastermind Community
  • Monthly “No Pitch” Training [With Stephen & Experts]
  • Weekly 1 Hour Q&A Calls With The Lab To Answer Your Questions And Hold You Accountable
  • Private Freelancer Rolodex For All Your Sales Funnel Service Needs
  • Private 1 on 1 Voxer Walkie-Talkie access directly to Stephen 24/7
  • ​Full Time Funnel Builder On Hand To Re-Build Your Landing Pages Into ClickFunnels
  • Advertising & Landing Page Swipe Vault v2.0

NOTE: Access to The Funnel Lab will be granted after the cart has closed and enrollment is complete.

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