#56 – Building Relationships


Building relationships can be essential to your developing and expanding business and today’s podcast focuses on the idea of treating the people you work with well – reward them and help them connect with other people so that your business and their enterprise may prosper. The essential to a growing business is having happy and content collaborators!


[00:00:00.00] Introduction:  You’re listening to Marketing on the Move with Stephen Esketzis – the best marketer to help you grow your on-line business and sales funnel

[00:00:13.17] Stephen:  Hey, guys! Stephen Esketzis here from Marketing on the Move and today I’m going to talk to you guys about building relationships.

[00:00:20.26] Now, I know in the last episode we kind of talked about how it is to build a relationship in your e-mail list, what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, I talked about a guy who just did it completely wrong…. but what I want to talk about today is building a relationship between you, your clients, your prospects – everyone like that.

[00:00:37.18] Everyone that’s in your business. People that are specifically paying you money and generating your revenue – they are the people you want to take care of, people that are bringing buys, your JV partners- everyone like that, that are actually giving you money directly or indirectly. And, it’s important, I think, that you build all those relationships to make sure that you reward them.

[00:00:57.11] So, one way that you can do that is, obviously, if you’ve got a JV partner or if you’ve got somebody who is referring you a ton of clients – at special times, you obviously reward them. So, go above and beyond to surprise them, give them benefits, obviously reward them where possible – monetarily or not.

[00:01:11.27] One reason I’m sort of bringing this up is: I had a case recently where, the opportunity were that I’d been helping somebody out, now that suddenly turned in “Let’s see if they would help me out as well!” and we had a little bit of a chat and I just sort of the whole discussion that we had kind of reminded me that it’s important to really reward your familiar partners, your JV partners, all those sort of partners, especially those who are really driving your traffic.

[00:01:37.03] So, that’s something I want to reach out and speak to you guys about today.

[00:01:41.07] One thing what you’ll notice in the affiliate marketing space, and I’m talking about the hardcore – like the affiliate advertising networks, all the network partners and things like that. What will happen is, these big affiliates who drive hundreds of thousands of dollars towards people’s companies, they’ll obviously catch up for events and things, but, if they have a big event, what will happen is – a lot of these affiliate partners go out of their way to really wine and dine their biggest affiliates, because not only are they driving a ton of traffic, but they’re generating them a ton of revenue.

[00:02:13.04] So, it’s very interesting to see that relationship and the report being built between that bring you money and make your business bigger and bigger, and I think that’s really important.

[00:02:21.16] I do it in my business as well. People who work with me, whether they’ll be a developer, a support staff or assistants and things like that – there’s always a time that you actually need to reward people and recognize them for their hard work – and that’s one thing that I really believe in and I think that it kind of motivates people -especially when it’s unexpected.

[00:02:40.03] So, if I’m working or if I’m developing a product, or a service and there’s someone that’s been integral to my team, then I need to reward them and give them the opportunity to show them how important they are. And I think that’s really valuable.

[00:02:55.02] So, that’s kind of what I want to talk to you about today -not a really long Podcast episode, but something that I think is valuable and something that I think that you need to realize that if someone is bringing you a lot of revenue, bringing you business, bringing you results, then one thing you need to do is reward them and keep them motivated, ’cause the last thing you want to do to people that are bringing you revenue and growing your business is to not motivate them and then things can go south – all because… it might not be your fault, you are not doing this maliciously, but it might just happen because things have slipped through the cracks, ’cause you’ve got a lot of other stuff on.

[00:03:28.21] That’s why I think, you really need to just be attentive to really what’s driving your business forward -who are your partners in business, who’s really brought value. One big one is employees as well- if you’re working with an employee who is really growing your business, who’s really A player, then you definitely want to make sure that they’re motivated enough to stick around, that they’re enjoying their environment, their peers, whether they’re motivated by monetary reasons or just being a part of something big or, really taking on new challenges that they may not have faced in their previous employment – anyone of those- you really need to find what get’s that person going, what gets them off, and then, essentially, keep building that and keep getting them higher and higher up the food chain, getting them more excited, giving them more challenges and getting them to stick around longer because, seriously, it’s so hard to come across an A player, especially in business, and marketing and developing things, whatever they might be.

[00:04:22.28] So, you really need to focus on making sure that everyone who is involved has a reason to stick around.

[00:04:28.15] And I think in this day and age it’s never been more easy to get distracted or have another opportunity come unto your plate.

[00:04:36.15] That’s one thing which I value a lot is really giving people results and if your giving people results then they’re the people that need to be motivated to stick around, because it’s so much going on and I know this from first had experience  with developer and things like that that I’ve worked with and, I know that, like, some have…

[00:04:56.16] I’ll give you one example: so, I was working with a developer and we were working for a while and he was doing some great work and I was super impressed and this was my fault completely, but I let him slip through the cracks because I didn’t realize 1. his potential and 2. I thought I could just find another guy and replace him.

[00:05:15.03] So, it’s one really key thing to just focus on, like, evaluating who your A players are, who your B players are – if you’ve got B players, then you should get rid of them, and moving on from there, making sure your A guys stick around for the long haul, because they’re the ones that are hard to come by, they’re the ones that you want to get the results from, and just focus on just blowing up those results. ‘Cause it’s a lot harder to go and find someone else, than it is to make your existing guys work a lot more efficiently and productively and getting them producing better results.

[00:05:47.13] So, that’s one little thing I want to share with you, guys, today, is make sure you reward the people that are bringing you the results, that are growing your business, that are growing your revenue. Make sure you reward them, make sure that you focus on, that you actually know who in your business is sticking around – it’s absolutely invaluable and it’s imperative and just leading that before I go, as well.

[00:06:10.11] Another thing which I tried to do a hell of a lot more this year is being open to networking with two awesome people. So, what I mean by that is – if I’m working or if I’ve got a business opportunity and I see another person who might be interested… not a business opportunity, but if I can connect two really awesome entrepreneurs together and have them made up and mix or whatever, then I always need to go for that – I need to make sure that I’m the matchmaker and actually introduce them, bringing them together and showing them the awesome opportunities that lie ahead because I used to be really frugal with this and it’s such a bad thing and I’ve tried to get out as much as possible.

[00:06:43.29] I used to be saying “I don’t want to introduce him to her because then I won’t be the focus of the business and he won’t help me anymore and if I introduce him, they’ll both be annoying and whatever… whatever… but it’s the exact opposite.

[00:06:56.05] As soon as you start introducing people that would like each other, then know each other, you become the centre of attention – everyone sees the value in you for connecting them and that’s one thing which I completely undervalued for so long and it’s actually pissing me off, so, now I started doing it. This year and even towards the end of last year, and I’ve started seeing the rewards, I’ve started to rip the benefits of it, of just being open and saying “Yes, I know someone that would be a really good fit” or “I’ve got a designer that can use it” or “I’ve got a developer that can help you out on this” and just keep recommending, keep matchmaking, keep pushing that.

[00:07:28.21] It costs nothing to you and, what I used to think was that if I recommend them, then they’re not going to be as attentive to my jobs or my progress, but it’s the complete opposite.

[00:07:38.25] So – two things to take away from today’s podcast: 1. Reward the people that are getting you results; 2. Don’t be afraid to recommend and match make people

[00:07:48.06] I know that that sounds strange, but it’s actually going to be so fulfilling because you’re going to have A players in your team, you’re going to say This guy’s awesome, this service was awesome” and keep recommending people and it will keep coming up and people will not only appreciate it, but they’ll see you as the authority who’s connected them with all these other people.

[00:08:05.19] And the comers (inaudible)  as well, comer means it will come back around when you have an issue, you can now reach out to the people that you’ve connected and say “Look, do you know anyone that can help me with this and this?” And, generally speaking, it will happen pretty easily and people will be interested and likely to share with you.

[00:08:19.20] So, that’s my two cents for today, guys! What I’m gonna be doing is almost at the office, just driving along, almost stuck in a little bit of traffic, but I’ll be at the office very shortly. Time to crunch at a whole bunch of the to-do list and yeah…

[00:08:35.09] Also, one more quick thing, if you’re heading to the trafficking conversion summit, please let me know, I’ll be organizing a trafficking conversion and have some made up or just catching up with people so, please, send me an e-mail if you want to reach out and connect, I’ll be there, attending and, look forward to seeing you guys there, too. It’s going to be a long whole 16 hours flight to Los Angeles and another couple of hours to San Diego,

[00:08:56.22] So, I’m coming on to the other side of the world to check out this summit with all the marketers and it’s going to be exciting so, if you’re there, hit me up and we’ll catch up.

[00:09:05.10] All right, guys! I’ll talk to you soon! Have an awesome day and yeah, crush it in business!

[00:09:13.18] You’re listening to Marketing on the Move with Stephen Esketzis – the best marketer to help you grow your on-line business and sales funnel



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