#69 -How A Seven Figure Mindset & Branding Coach Makes Your Content Look Like Child’s Play

Summary: Learn the key to having a seven-figure location-free business from Mindset and Branding Coach Regan Hillyer.

Regan HillyerSerial entrepreneur, coach, educator and speaker Regan Hillyer recently launched Regan Hillyer International, a socially-conscious empire that helps people reach their true potential and make an impact on the world.



Stephen Esketzis:         Hey guys, Stephen Esketzis here from Marketing On The Move and I have  with me today. How are you doing, Regan?



Regan Hillyer:              I am awesome, thanks for having me on.



SE:                                No, thanks for jumping on. I know you are on the other side of the world right now. You are up in LA.



RH:                               That is right.



SE:                                How is that? What is the weather like there?



RH:                               It is awesome. I mean it is a little bit cooler than Bali but you cannot confine it is sunny and clear blue skies, so it is awesome.



SE:                                Awesome. Well, tell our audience a little bit about what you do, because I know you are from all over the place, location-free we were just talking about. Give us a little taste of what you do and what you are up to.



RH:                               Absolutely. I am a speaker, a cartoon-entrepreneur, and I guess these two keys things that I really help people around. The first thing around success mindset and really understanding that all successes starts from within and when you really learn how to condition your mind to succeed, then pretty magical things can happen. The second side of what I do is around personal branding and helping people to really unlock their true message that they were born to share with the world, and then showing them how to actually monetize that, and amplify that online.



SE:                                That is awesome. How did you get into this sort of industry?



RH:                               It really started with my own personal development journey. I was at university in Wellington, New Zealand studying architecture, of all things, and although I was quite good at university, which was really hot, and I got good grades, I felt really unsatisfied and unfulfilled, and I always knew that there was more. That is what spurt on my personal development journey of figuring out who am I, why am I here, what am I meant to do in this world, how do I create an amazing lifestyle, how do I impact more people, and it was through that process that I actually became a coach. Then I transitioned really fast from working on myself and getting some great results to starting my first business and working one-on-one with people, through leveraging in-person speaking and live events right to where I am now, which is where everything is predominantly online.



SE:                                What sort of products do you offer, what services, how do you sell yourself out there right now?



RH:                               I have a full products feature right from a really low-end membership sites of $97, which is many around success mindset and really helping people, again conditioning mind to succeed all the action, right through the high-end one-on-one for people who want to work with me on really, really close spaces. Then there are lots of things in the middle, like run a highend mastermind in Bali, which is all about unlocking people’s true message and monetizing it. I have an online version of that course. Then I do run every now and again a small series of five-day or eight-week or twelve-week courses that supplement their process as well.



SE:                                Which one did you start with?



RH:                               The first thing I launched online was the Success Hub, which is the membership site at $97. I was helping people one-on-one having such amazing transformations and breakthroughs, and I understood that not everyone, especially in the beginning, has thousands of dollars to invest on a one-on-one coach, yet they still want to work on their mindset. So I asked myself how I can impact more people, and how do I get this out to the masses more, so in this way I can still get the message out there.



SE:                                How do you go about it? I know you talk a lot about branding and a lot about mindset. What do you think are the key things to really sell your products and services to that kind of audience? I know that coaches typically, and I know a lot of friends that are in the coaching space, are struggling to make a lot of money, and some of them there minds are not in the right place. How do you go about capturing their attention and showing them how to take them from A to Zed?



RH:                               I think the first thing is to actually get into alignment with who you are and what you want to be doing. I see a lot of people especially in the coaching space that are showing up and they are trying to promote a product or service, but it is not actually totally in alignment with who they are, so when you tap into what you actually love and what your core message is, pretty cool things can happen. The second thing would be to take message daily action. I am really big around messaging. If you land on any of my social media platform, there is messaging on it daily. It is not necessarily buy my whatever, but it is more about showing consistently. It is about sharing my message. It is about getting everything out there so that when I do actually offer a product or a service or whatever close, it makes some more sense to people, because they are seeing my messages over and over again.



SE:                                That makes a lot of sense. If you are showing up all over the place, all the time, you must be getting people coming in from all different directions. Have you found one stream has been bigger than another — have you found most people come to you membership site, for example?



RH:                               Absolutely. You are right. I have so many social media platforms and with differently, really active on all [cool?] ones, and for me my home is Facebook just seems to be where a huge chunk of my audience is. It seems to be amazing targeted ads as well, but also just in terms of organic traffic and messaging, and having the interaction there. I think that is the place for me, purely because I have monetized that the best. The other platforms actually have more of a following on Instagram, for example, but the money is coming from Facebook.



SE:                                You mentioned ads as well; do you think ads [is] a key part of your sales funnel to drive people to your products?



RH:                               Yes, it is really interesting. For me, the ads have always been an added extra. I get so much from my traction literally from showing up authentic daily and then having people come through in a really organic way. I do have a really organic following. I create organic sales but you know whenever we do Facebook ads on top that, it definitely adds to it. If someone sends Facebook ads advance and you can have them anymore, it would not actually affect my business that much.



SE:                                I would say the organic thing, the way I see it is that it is like a push-on, both a yes and no thing to have, right? The organics, these are the people that are referred to you, they are like hot leads that people that know you, that have seen your face everywhere, and then you have your Facebook ads that you can just flip the switch and scale to the moon if you really wanted to. It is like you really need both to work, right?



RH:                               I totally agree and that is the thing when it comes to scaling [up]. Especially when you are just starting out and you do not have much of a following. It does take time to build up that organic community, so obviously if you can supplement that and start getting in front of more people, always side with of people. Even if you have the most powerful message in the world but if no one is actually seeing you or hearing you, then what is the point?



SE:                                Yes, hundred percent. From here you have your range of products, you have your coaching, you have your mastermind. Where are you heading in the next 12 to 24 months?



RH:                               The next 12 to 24 months is actually keeping a lot of the core things that I already have, but just scaling it, exactly what we were talking on just in. I am a huge creator so I love — I always release some sort of new mini-course. At the moment for example, I am doing a 30-day content challenge and serve, and I just decide to run something like that once a month. It is either around strategy or messaging or mindset and I literally ask my community what they want or need, and I offer it to them. I know it sounds very simple but it is what I do and it works. So I create that and it is more of fulfillment thing for me because I love to constantly create things, and roll in other parts of my business, that creation that I made does not necessarily serve me, because why would we fix something that is not broken, right? The other things like my core mastermind and especially my core online 12-week course, I am really looking at scaling that in a huge way. I have been planning a really big launch coming up in July so that program and again it is just really about increasing the numbers and being able to impact more people.



SE:                                Nice. Tell us something a bit about the launch, like what goes into planning a launch like that. What parts of the launch are you looking to work on and reach more people? What is the blueprint for it?



RH:                               It is really an interesting question. My launch process in the past has been like, hey this is a really cool idea let us put it out and promote a couple of webinars, do the webinars and a enroll people like that. That is literally been it. I have made a really conscious effort to, I guess, be a little more strategic when it comes to launch. [unclear] its worth, and it gets me amazing results. [unclear] if I want to scale up fast then I need to make some changes so I have actually hired a project launch manager, uhm, for this who has literally taken over all of my systems and processes and everything we do and broken it down into a really detailed plan of everything that is happening. Starting with list-coding, two to three months out, going through into running a 5-day challenge that is free, then offering a basically pre-launch to that community at the end, and then launching out into my main community, also with JV partnerships just to support that along the way. That is parts of it and obviously her job has been to break it all down and I actually got the document yesterday and I opened it up and I was just so overwhelmed but it, but it is great, it is exactly what my team needs.



SE:                                Yes, it is funny because I actually had a friend who just came off his launch and he did a lot of 4-part video series, and he has done a couple of webinars, and blabs and things like that. It is crazy how much goes into it, because you have your graphics, you have to make sure that the tech goes to plan, all these things going on. There are like a million different things. I was just speaking to him and he was like, yes it was crazy. You launch then you open your cart, and you are not sure if people are going to buy, it is a pretty nerve-racking experience.



RH:                               Yes, it can be really overwhelming. I had a lot of friends that were blinded or had crazy launches that were so stressful, so that is one of key decisions, that it is going to happen with total A’s and it is going to flow perfectly and should there be some ups and downs there, but I truly believe that if you can get your mindset in the right place during a launch, then it is nerve-raising that it should be super-stressful. Just because you are increasing the numbers, especially online, and especially with these courses I have launched before, which were total A’s, it really should not be that much more stressful. I have committed to making it really full of A’s.



SE:                                What is the price point of this course that you are launching?



RH:                               The price point is $4,000 online or $5,000 on a payment plan. There is the option because this is a one-on-one course of my team through that 12-weeks that they can access. If they actually want to have those courses with me one-on-one, then it is $10,000.



SE:                                That is awesome. Obviously with a price point like that, it is a good product launch price point. I have seen a lot of online courses and they launch between the $2,000, $4,000, $5,000 mark and they all seem to crash it, which is really good, because it has that sweet spot. What is your goal to enroll? Do you have a product launch goal, that by the end of it, you will be super-impressed if you hit it?



RH:                               I am looking for a minimum of 300, and I would say there is a split between great launch in different price points in my community and in the public, and then working with [unclear], but 300 people for the whole prices. I will not be taking on any more than 20 people in terms of the team [unclear] one-on-one, just because I do not have enough hours in the day.



SE:                                It is funny because you have all these products. I come from a big sales funnel background, where you have the small product, the medium-sized product, and the high-end product and it sounds like you already have these all set up. Have you noticed, like you get people coming in to your front-end products, which might be your low-end $30-$40, even like your membership site at $95-$99, and then after that you see those people, say 5%-10% people who are just die-hard fans, and want to be around you and surrounded by you. Are they the ones that move up through your mastermind and start working with you one-on-one?



RH:                               Yes, absolutely. There are definitely people like that. I thought when I launched everything that it would happen exactly like that, I thought everyone would come through the main membership site and then evolve and try everything else out. Quite honestly, people come in from all over the shore, it is definitely not a rule with I have to start at the beginning. Although a lot of people do start at the beginning. I had someone sign with me one-on-one the other day who has literally did not have anything in the past. It was just like, hey look, you are my girl and I would like to work with you and I was like, okay, perfect. You know, I am not going to stop someone from doing that, like no, you must start at the beginning of the funnel.



SE:                                Like, I only want $27, I do not want $27,000, alright, control yourself. But yes that is how it is. It is funny that sometimes you get people like that just want that one-on-one hand and then are happy to spend the money to get the results quicker and I guess that makes sense from that point of view.



RH:                               Yes, but there are still others who do start at the beginning, at the $97 membership site. Especially once they are in the private Facebook community and they really feel that vibe, and they get to know they can trust you so much more than — they literally do become these almost cult following. I have people where I say, hey I am launching something and they like, yeah what is it I am in, because it is not about the product. They have already bought me and they understand that whatever I do is going to create a massive value.



SE:                                What you said there I think is key. It is like they bought you. They bought into you, they bought into your ideas, your vision, and that is from the very beginning, from all the content you kept putting out. I think it is so cool that you can put it like that, and I think people buy into people but they can also buy into brands as well. It is really interesting that whatever product comes out, they will just buy no matter what it is, and I have seen people crash webinars recently that there was an offer from your friend and you put out, I think that was $300 a year offer, and I have thousands of people on me crash like 40% of people he closed on the webinar. It just killed him and he goes before I even put out the offer people wanted to buy my stuff because they loved what I do.



RH:                               Totally. If someone can really grasp that that is the power, especially on personal branding, whether or not you personally brand it or whether he has a brand, if you are representing it personally, it is the same thing. People fall in love with you and your vision, and your mission, and you are right, they buy you.



SE:                                I think that is key. Disregarding whether you have a big email list or small one, organic, I think if you can really — if you have only a hundred people on your email list that were die-hard fans, whatever you have as soon as it came out, I think that can make you six or seven figures just for that.



RH:                               Yes, easily.



SE:                                You talk a lot about personal branding. There are a lot of people out there that are at different level I am sure. The Marketing On The Move audience here listening to this, some guys have a big following, a lot of people probably do not — if you were starting from scratch today, how would you build your online brand?



RH:                               It is interesting you ask me this because I often ask myself this when I am dealing with new clients. I always ask if I was to delete my Facebook page, delete my following, and delete my email list, what would I do? It is a scary thought to be honest, but what I would do is that first thing, I will get really, really, super clear on my message and my vision, first and foremost. If you are putting the right stuff out there in an aligned way, then you are just not going to attract the people that you want to work with or if it is completely out of alignment, you are not going to attract anyone. That is the first thing I would be doing. The second thing I would do is to set up a Facebook page right away, a personal one and a like one and I would just keep both of those moving as quickly as possible. I would start putting messaging out there daily exactly what I do now and nothing will change. I will start putting out high quality content, I shout out as often as I can, and everywhere that I can, then I will start connecting with people and adding value in other places, like other online groups, and things like that, then again start building this organic following.



SE:                                When you start building, obviously that takes time. People do not have — do you start bringing out your products while you are doing all of this? Do you start selling, or do you just add value, value, value…how long do you give value for before you start selling? How do you see that sort of mechanism working?



RH:                               I do not think there are any rules. I definitely do not think it is like you have to show up for this long before you are allowed to monetize. I find that a lot of my clients get trapped into that if they have been in the corporate world. It is like they think there is some sort of ladder they have to climb before they have the right to ask for money for their value. I am all about if there is an opportunity to monetize, then monetize it. If someone has been online for, like two weeks, and all of a sudden they start noticing people are messaging them and asking them questions, or commenting on their posts, and really interacting and wanting more, then they need to start offering them a way to help them. In my eyes, if you are not doing that, you are doing you audience a disservice. I do not think there is any rule; I actually think that once you believe in yourself, that is when you can monetize it. Your first client has to be you. Only once you have bought yourself, then you can put yourself out to the market place.



SE:                                At what point you think while building that organic, let us say I want to make sure I am focusing my personal brand, get some people out there following me, should I start launching, working on products while I am doing that at the same time or should I just wait until I hit a thousand or a couple of thousand people on Facebook and Instagram and things like that? Or should I just go ahead straight from the get go?



RH:                               Quite honestly, I would say just go for it. Start before you are ready. Start putting it out there. Even if you do a webinar and there is only three people on, and one of them drops off halfway through, and you are doing offering and no one buys, it does not matter. It is so much better that you have done that because you are going to grow so much in the process as well. I mean what if you lost; really, you have lost an hour of your time. As long as you not doing anything crazy, like creating products before you have people enrolled, just as long as you are doing it in a smart way, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Because your audience starts seeing you showing up and you start to grow through the process. Yes, I would get started straight away.



SE:                                Awesome. I love that point you said if you only have three people on the webinar, I would do it anyway. I think that what most people — that is something I had early on as well, when I did my first webinar and I was — I had four people on there and three of them dropped off, and then one of them sort of pitched and then he complained after I made the pitch, after I got off there, it was just the worst thing that has ever happened in my life. That kind of went through but you know what, you do it once, and you do it again, and you start just protecting it. Even if you have no one there, it just great practice to just do it over and over and over again. So for people listening out there, just like do it anyway, even if you suck at it, it is just practice, a work in progress.



RH:                               Totally. You just have to start somewhere. Everyone sees people online with thousands of people in their webinars but that did not just like, wake up because you have a following of thousands. You had to grow that and if I had to suck for a little bit, and if I had to practice, and had to do things where no one showed up, it is all just part of the process. If you are not willing to do that, then I do not think you have what it takes.



SE:                                Give us a story about one of the best or worst webinars or speaking engagements that you have ever done. Give us a funny story, something memorable that you have done in regards to one of your best or worst case scenarios.



RH:                               One of my worst case scenarios was actually a few years ago and I was running a series of advanced speaking in person and I remember that I was so excited about this one, I think it was in Sydney from memory, and I had about 30 people registered that day and it was a free event and I had this upsell of like $5,000 so I was working it out — there were 30 people in the room and I could definitely enroll 40% because I was doing the number and I had the enrolments forms and literally no one turned up. Not even one person. It is funny and I had almost forgotten about that, and I think a lot of people now, knowing my results will be like what you know!!! it just goes to show as well that everyone starts somewhere. I actually did that full 3-hour presentation to my team that [were] in the room. I had my partner there and my team, and I said okay, let me practice for three hours and I will pretend this room is full and I did it anyway. That is exactly like we were talking about with the webinars. You just have to keep showing up.



SE:                                It is really funny and I have a very similar story. One of my friends, Ricky, who actually got into some speaking engagement on stage, he actually convinced me and goes, man you should start doing some speaking, to try it out, see how it goes. I was like alright, I will do it, and I booked this place and invited a bunch of friends and stuff. At that time, I was getting into my marketing and social media stuff. I pretty much went in there and I invited everyone I knew on Facebook, and I think eight friends turned up. So I knew everybody in the room. These are people that I went to school with, and I was like, what am I going to pitch to these people? I think I just told them alright, I am going to do a 2-day business workshop. I do not think anyone came with me. I am like, alright stand up if you are interested in doing the social media thing, and then nobody stood up. I had to keep saying it and still nobody stood up. It was so bad. I am so glad that was not on camera or anything. It just shows that you find what you are good at, you get better at it, you work on it, then you just overcome it and grow from there. So give us a good story. That was the before, give us the after. Where are you at now in you speaking engagement?



RH:                               I am speaking a little bit offline; I am speaking predominantly online in terms of webinars. I probably speak daily to be honest if you are counting live streams and [periscopes?] and things like that. I really love it and I really acknowledge that it is such a leverage [unclear] to get my message out there and connect with people. Recently I was speaking in New York, which was really cool and I actually have an engagement in L.A. this Sunday, so lots of really cool stuff going on. Probably one of the really cool moments in speaking was again when I was doing these small rooms back in Australia, and I remember I had 12 people in the room and there was just something going on that day. The vibe was amazing. We obviously got the marketing just right, like the total ideal people were in the room and I was offering a $3,000 courses in upsell and literally all 12 people enrolled. I just remembered being like okay, that is a hundred percent close rate. That was really cool. It was a total fluke. I do not think I ever had it again but literally they all pulled through and they all started enrolling each other, which is interesting. Half of them were filling out their paperwork and the credit card info and all of that, and then all of a sudden they were like, hey are you in, and they were like I am not sure, then like I am in so you should be in. They were like come on, let us do it together. I was just standing there going, yes you should all do it. But they literally all enrolled together, all at the same event, all at once, and they created this community just there so that was really cool.



SE:                                I think when you get the social proof as well, it is going to help. That was definitely a cool story to have.



RH:                               Totally.



SE:                                With periscope and with all these, your blabs, your periscopes, your Facebook Lives, your Mentions, like ten different tools — and I think I noticed that you have a TV thing coming out, a TV series, is that right?



RH:                               That is right. We just released Episode 1 two days ago.



SE:                                That is awesome. What is the plan with that?



RH:                               The plan is to show up and continue to have it being awesome. The premise behind the show was to really give people a real life reality insight into what it takes to run a seven-figure location-free business in a holistic way where we chat on the business side of things but also on the lifestyle side of things like missing the flights, all the craziness that actually goes on behind the scenes. Another core driver for doing it was I think that a lot of people really think that I do stuff that I do not tell them about. My business is actually very simple, and everything I have shared with you around messaging and showing up and the fact that I do not use Facebook ads that much. I think people do not believe me sometimes. Even some of my really high-end premium clients are literally a few months in with me and they are like, this is really it, isn’t it, like I just have to do it now, like I get it. I just really want people to grasp that and get that feeling of wow, this is real, I can actually do this too.



SE:                                Yes, I think it gives them realness, some reality to what you are doing. I think [Gary V] has also done that really well lately. He does I think something quite similar with you. It is like Daily V and I think there is Ask Gary V, he has quite a few different shows going on.



RH:                               That is right and I totally agree with him. This is one of the reasons why I did the show, just in terms of social media and where I believe it is heading. Everything is heading towards reality right now, it is heading towards the live stream, the periscopes, and the videos. It is like being a guru’s done, like being that perfect person that is made of gold is done. People want to say you are real, and they want to see you in the moment, they want to see scrap a little bit, they want to hear out your fears, your dreams, and your desires, and the things that keep you up at night, worried. They want that stuff because we are becoming more and more connected with our audience. That is one of the core driver around the show and Gary does that very, very well.



SE:                                Hundred percent agree on that one. I think it used to that content sells, but now it is like transparency sells. That is what I have seen in the last couple of years. The more transparent you are, the more you can sell because people see the before and after. They know it is real. There is no BS in between.  It is like I know who you are, I know your story, I know where you came from, let us go straight into a one-on-one and I will just pay you what you are asking for, and that is…



RH:                               [interposing] Actually. You have totally got it and it is almost like [unclear] put content out there, but no, hang on, put good quality transparent content out there. If everyone knows that your eBook is not a free eBook, and if everyone knows that your free report — they do not care about it anymore, versus five, ten years ago when it was really exciting to get something for free online. It is done. It is over and out. Yes, it is still important as a part of your funnel or your system, but really what people are looking for — they just want to connect with you and see who you actually are.



SE:                                Hundred percent. We will wrap it up but if you have one last piece of advice to give someone out there — one on mindset, and one on marketing and branding. What would it be for someone out there who is just growing, or just getting into their sphere of becoming some sort of guru or well-known person or they want to put out more content?



RH:                               My one key thing about mindset would really be just to take message daily consistent action on it. I am really big around daily routines and working on your inbox and limits daily and conditioning your mind to succeed, but so many people have like a daily routine, but it is like three daily routine or once-a-week daily routine. If you really commit to working internally, on you mindset daily, it is over 80% of your success comes from your internal mindset. Your basic price [unclear] quickly everything can shift and grow and change. That will be the mindset thing. Around personal branding, honestly, just get into alignment with who you actually are, and just get really clear and really focus on who you are and what you want to share with the world. Be unapologetically you. Try not to get caught up in the trap of what you are expected to do, or what you think you should be doing, or what people have told you you are good at. What do you actually want to do, because when you tap into that space, all the other strategic stuff will — you will find a way to make it happen because you will be so determined to actually get your message out there.



SE:                                That is awesome. Where can people find out more from you, where can they learn more, where can they absorb more of your content?



RH:                               Head on www.reganhillyer.com. If you subscribe you get a free copy of one of my books, and then you could link that to all of my social platforms. You can see I am really active on all social media and it is all under reganhillyer. It is really easy to find so you follow me through all of that and make sure you reach out and say hi and that you found me from this podcast.



SE:                                That is awesome. I am sure there will be people watching the new TV show and putting a lot of the content keeping on your live stream. I appreciate you jumping on. I am sure — is it late at night there? I am sure by now…



RH:                               [interposing] No it is okay. It is nearly six o’clock at night.



SE:                                That is not too bad. I appreciate you jumping on midway through your dinners, and hopefully people have taken away some great tips and I am sure they going to be making a big impact now, between their mindset and their branding. Thank you so much for jumping on.



RH:                               Thanks so much for having me Steve. It has been awesome.



SE:                                Awesome. Talk to you soon.



RH:                               Okay. Cheers! Bye!




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Funnel built in Crete

Someone from Crete built a funnel 6 hours ago.


Funnel built in Philadelphia

Someone from Philadelphia built a funnel 1 hours ago.