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#22 Fake Loomer and Sales Funnel Hacks with Ricky Baldasso

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Stephen: Hey guys, Stephen here from Marketing on the move and it has been a while since I’ve done a podcast I’ve been quiet doing a whole lot of things, a lot of projects on the go and I finally launched my SAAS company. So, there’s been a lot to talk about, but today I’ve got Ricky Baldasso here on the line.

How are you Ricky?

[00:34] Ricky: Doing awesome, mate. Doing awesome.

Stephen: Awesome. Yeah, so what I brought him on to have a chat on about was; we had a bit of a joke going on for a little while and I’m, so laughing at it already. But, I tried to keep a straight face, but we’ve had a bit of a joke going on for a little while and I want to share this story with you and see how everything came about and I think you guys might see a little bit of insight into it and find it a little bit funny and if not anything.

But, what happened was, we actually, we had gone out a bit of everyday and we both have a look at ads on Facebook, we’re really very big avid Facebook ad analyzers so, you will see ads and we’ll screenshot them and send them to each other tell us what’s doing well, what’s not and then we had an ad that appeared and it was a bit funny. It had a, if you are familiar with Jon Loomer.

So,, go and check out his stuff. He’s getting pretty big, I think he’s got about 70 or 80 thousand fans on Facebook if not more. Definitely massive in the Facebook advertising space and his specialty is teaching people advance Facebook Marketing, and what happened was he’s got a quite a quirk on how he creates his ads.

So, his theme is orange and he usually has a bit of black text and he uses his face on the left side or right side and then he’ll have the headline of his blog post and then that’s what all he’ll do and he keeps it consistent on his entire blog. So he’s created some really effective branding.

Actually what happened was one night I was going through these ads and I sent Ricky a screenshot and it was someone who used the exact same creative so we’re talking almost word-for-word but the only difference was it was some other guy’s face on the ad. So it was an Indian looking marketer space on the ad, someone who I’ve never seen before had a whole lot less likes.

So we’re talking about probably 3 or 400 likes not knowing at all. And it just struck me, really tightly and I decided to calling him Fake Loomer and Ricky and I had this joke going on for a long time didn’t we Rick?

[02:37] Ricky: We did, we did. It was quite hilarious because I’m very main stay in to modeling wearing and looking at what works and modeling of it just to get to a whole new level.

Stephen: Yeah, I think we started laughing for a – the joke’s been going on for a few if not a month now, probably less I mean, maybe a week or two, but we’ve been absolutely pissing ourselves with laughter and I’ve been going through ads and the guy actually, I went to his blog it needs a bit of work by the way, so I won’t mention who he is directly because if he is listening to the podcast he knows who he is, he’s fake Loomer. He knows, he needs to lift his game but yeah.

Ricky: You better laugh it off quickly, but you know who you are.

Stephen: Yeah.

Ricky: Yeah, we went to his blog we had a look at it. It wasn’t too bad. His actual content was pretty good, I’ve got to say.

I don’t think it was that bad. He’s actually got a lot of valuable videos and things like that but when you create some branding and you model it off of someone well known really right off the bat. So, I’m not talking about modeling, we’re talking about pretty much direct copying off of someone who is well known not only does it hurt your reputation but it gives people like us who are in the industry and we just see everything that’s going on.

We think, why is this guy doing it?

It’s like, someone who really opens up a store next to yours and uses the exact same branding and things no one is going to notice because they want to bring in the exact same amount of people and something like that. That wasn’t great and now but you sort of get the point.

Stephen: It’s really not a good idea just sort of stuck with us for a long time but this guy sort of a good idea, started to apply the same design and creative on his ads and started to retyping as well so after I went to his blog I saw bloody fake Loomer demo a right hand side bar in my news feed on my mobile, this fake Loomer was following me around so we sort of, yeah. He followed you too around, didn’t he, Ricky?

Ricky: Yeah, he did, and it’s actually funny, I hope you don’t mind being mentioned but Steve tagged me in the week. Steve commented and tagged me and Steve says something like I didn’t know Jon Loomer grew a beard or something like that.

[Laughs] It was pretty funny, because the guy that yeah, he doesn’t really look much like Jon Loomer.

Stephen: And, a bit of a spoiler as well, we’re going to have Jon on this show pretty soon. I’ve been chatting with him and so hopefully he doesn’t find this a bit weird, but I’m really looking forward to having Jon on the show, the real Jon Loomer not fake Loomer.

Which is going to be really good. Hopefully I’ll have a chat and see what he thinks about a fake Loomer wandering around the interwebs and if he’s come across him before.

But yeah, I just want to highlight that and so that was a funny thing which happened a little while ago that I thought I’d shed some light on in our podcast which I haven’t done for a little while. And also to bring Ricky on because he’s actually been doing some pretty cool split test some things as well which is most recent and he’s in the golf industry.

So I thought I’d bring him on, have a bit of chat to him about what he’s been doing in the golf industry he’s just launched an auto which I’m hoping he’ll tell us a little bit about and yeah. What the auto is for, who he’s targeting and how he’s really going to capitalize on it.

So Rick, give us a bit of an idea of what you’re doing.

[05:56] Ricky: Yeah, of course, so I’ve been signing in golf range finders for a couple of years just–

Stephen: What is in golf rangefinder? Because I didn’t know.

Ricky: Yeah, it’s like a binocular specifically for golf. So the main benefit is that it shows you how far away you are on your target so your point at the flag and it’ll tell you, you know, you’re a 150 meters away or something like that.

Stephen: So does that tell you sort of what driver to use or if you need a—what would go–

Ricky: No, no, that comes down to our judgment but you generally know, you know, might hit your seven liner in 150 meters. So you just instantly say oh, it’s, a seven arms.

So, that’s what the product is and I’ve been selling it direct to just Facebook ads, direct to my OFAR. It’s like, the product’s a $170 so it’s a big ask to get cold traffic just buying straight out. Which is why we’ve been doing lots of retargeting however what I’ve tested recently, which I only launched the offer yesterday so I don’t have enough data to, yet, to know if it’s working properly or not.

It’s too early, but essentially what I’ve done is I’ve put a front end offer, like, one step earlier in the funnel and so what that offer is, is it’s twenty premium golf tee’s for free but then the custom, just has to pay $5 shipping.  So the reason why I’m doing that is because I think there’s a book called something like, predictably irrational.

Or something like that, that’s not it but something like that and it talked about the word free. It just seems to have a big weird impact on people.

So I could have easily said, you know, these golf tees are $5 and free shipping, but I thought now, do it the other way around because getting something for free and then you just have to pay for shipping kind of seems like a good deal and then essentially what happened is on the next page there’s a one-click upsell for the pin sensor, the golf rangefinder for $167 and as it says, early days I don’t have enough data to see if it’s going to get better results going straight to the pin sensor but I would imagine that would because there’s one-click upsell there and also it’s a lot easier to sell the custom than it used to called traffic so we’ll see how it goes.

Stephen: Yeah, that’s awesome and I really love the free plus shipping offer if you guys are familiar with the Russell Brunson, awesome marketer definitely follow him. He’s releasing his book soon I’m fairly sure it’s going to be a free plus shipping offer as well in his new book launch which, actually I highly recommend to you guys having rolled it out and modeling it.

It’s geared to online marketing or if you want to offer something like that. If you’re looking to launch a book in the near future, you can use this offer in a whole variety of different situations.

Can be golf, I’ve seen it in a survival niche, that they gave away I think, there was a free pocket knife and they just had the person to cover shipping and then the next, on the thank you page. So the page they visited after that, they got straight to another offer so like Ricky’s got his well they called it golf tees after the golf tees they go straight to the pins of the product.

So, it’s definitely, definitely worth trying it. It’s sort of a it gives them in the dot, doesn’t it?

Ricky: Yeah, it really does, because I mean, like for my example, we know these golf tees are premium and if you went to buy them at a golf club it costs you, you know, twenty or thirty dollars but if you get them for free you just have to pay five dollars shipping it’s you know, people jump at the offer and the reason why I can manage to sell it that cheap is because I bout a thousand of them. [Laughs] So you know, when you get a kind of a scale then it costs you very little but you know, you’re not looking to actually get your ads back on the—but if you do get your ads to send you back on the front end offer that’s a bonus, but if you liquidate even 80 or 50% of your ads spent then it’s a lot cheaper than you know, not liquidating any if that makes sense.

See if you’re usually paying a dollar for a click then you’re liquidating, you know, 50% of that straight up.  It’s the equivalent of getting like A 50% click almost. So–

Stephen: Yeah, and I think it also builds your, I don’t want to interrupt you here but I think it also builds your list as well, allows you to get a lot more people that you could possibly retarget in the future so that’s another option which you can keep showing your offer to all these people who have clicked on it and showed strong interest in your offer.

Ricky: Yeah, absolutely, like if you’re selling a product for a $170 you know, over a few months, you might be lucky to get your list to a couple of hundred people but if you’re selling something for free, possibly $5 shipping, if all goes well and you scour your campaign and everything is going well you could build your list really fast and get a lot more people than you would have originally that you can continue to market to over and over again which is really cool.

FEATURED DOWNLOAD: Read and download the full transcription of Episode 22. Ricky Baldasso, shares some exciting marketing tips and sales funnels hacks on the show today.
(Click Here to Download Transcription)

[11:25] Stephen: Yeah, a hundred percent and I just want to highlight and I’ve been talking to Ricky about this a lot and a lot of other people is that retargeting especially is becoming so important in your marketing business it’s such an important strategy you need to realize because it really allows you to capture people and be in front of them and that’s the ultimate goal. If you can be in front of the person I think it takes, there’s a server down and I’m pretty sure it was eleven to fifteen times that need to be, you have to have your message shown in front of the person before they’re ready to purchase and retargeting it is the perfect opportunity for that.

So, especially if you’re selling something like a pin sensor without seeing the offer they’re not sure. They don’t want to purchase it but then they see the offer for another 5 to 10 times in their news feed and they might see it everyday for a whole month and might not click on it.

But when they do click on it they know exactly what the offer is and they’re going to be making a buying decision. So, I think that will be a really good way to test it and usually your retargeting list has a much higher click through rate as well.

Did you find that?

Ricky: Yeah, absolutely. Within the past, we’ve done retargeting the retargeting list gets some much cheaper clicks, higher click through rate and varied conversions as well.

I guess it’s like what you said, they’ve already been exposed to the product, they probably already spent a couple of minutes on the sales page looking at the product and then if they’re going to click on an ad to revisit it they’ll seriously consider it because why would you view a product if you weren’t considering buying it?

And actually, another cool thing that you can—we talked about Facebook ads but something that you can do on Google adwords retargeting into the spy network is you can actually create a custom order like in Facebook and then you can drill deeper and create a substance of that custom order audience depends on how much the person spent on your slot. So, if your retargeting list is a thousand people you might have four hundred people, so 40 percent that had spent five minutes or more on your website or your sales page or whatever page it is and then you can retarget just them. So just the one’s that’s buying.

So that’s pretty cool and yeah, Google offers ridiculous retargeting options and hopefully Facebook models off them a little bit going forward and gives you options like that as well would be really cool.

[14:01] Stephen: Yeah, hundred percent. Well the thing is with retargeting, you’ve got two things really, so after you’ve run your first ad; Facebook offers reporting systems so you can actually go to your report and see which countries are converting, what devices they’re converting into and where on Facebook they’re converting, whether they’re being Newsfeed on the right hand side.

That are on Mobile Newsfeed. You can go into all these things and segregate who, what and where your offer is converting in and what’s converting and you can also, then in your retargeting list you can also add that into your ad as a custom audience and then you can choose, you might only want to target the first eighteen year olds to twenty one year olds in that retargeting list so you can really, on top of your targeting already, really get specific. So, it really is up to you how big your list is, how specific you want to get and what your goal is.

So I think those are really good options and some really cool tips you guys can use and take away no matter what industry you’re going into whether it be a physical product like Ricky’s or or if you’ve got an info product where you might want to turn it into an Ebook or a CD that you send out with free plus shipping offer and then upsell into a membership site, for example, which might be something that’s recurring, it’s up to you. You can play around with whatever you like.

But I want to finish it out, I don’t want to keep dragging it too long but a few things– one of the things I wanted to mention with Ricky here is a couple of the tools that we used, because Ricky and I both use a lot of tools, a lot of pieces of software in our businesses, so I wanted those with you so you can go have a look and see if they apply to you, if they can help you, if there’s any way you can use them in your business and what our tools that we use do. So Rick, do you want to give us one of the tools that you use that you find really helpful?

[15:45] Ricky: Yeah, well, a really cool one that Steve actually introduced me to recently is Hot Jar. Steve actually interviewed a dude that started Hot Jar which is really cool.

So you can flip back through the podcast episodes and find that one if you’re interested. And essentially, Hot Jar, it kind of combines all these different kind of products and software kind of products that are already in the market and kind of puts them all in one.

So it has heat maps, it has slide tracking, it has conversion, final tracking and things like that and one of the cool things that I have been using it for just in the last day or so since I set up this new funnel is looking at the screen recording people going through my funnel  and it seems really–

Stephen: Stalkerish?

Ricky: Stalkerish, but you know probably like a terms and conditions and the privacy policy there saying it’s all legit. [laughs]

Stephen: Saying that you’re watching everyone as they check out? Yeah, sure.

Ricky: Yeah but it doesn’t show their credit card details or so anything like that but it is cool because you get to see some of the gaps in terms of where people are clicking, where or what they’re doing if they are hesitating, one of the things that I actually realized is that I’m going to talk with Steve about was I noticed that a lot of people going to my free plus shipping offer were they weren’t entering their email address and they would enter their address and everything, but not their email address.

So I think what I need to do is add something into the page to make it a required field so they know immediately that it’s required because I think, it seems like what the people are trying to get through without entering their email address, that’s not how it works.

Stephen: Well, I’ve got an idea. I don’t know if it’s required, like is it required to actually complete the checkout?

Ricky: Yeah.

Stephen: Okay. If it’s not required, you can do something cheeky and you can put it one the ‘Thank You’ page and maybe do it as a free offer on the ‘Thank You’ page or something like that. Or maybe, because I know you’re using a two-step offer, if it’s on the first step, move it to the second one.

Or if it’s on the second move it to the first. I’m not sure if that’s possible.

Ricky: Second. I think it’s just going to involve a lot of custom kind of work that I don’t really have the —

Stephen: Patience [laughs]

[Ricky laughs]

Stephen: Yeah. I know you’re not a patient marketer but that’s alright. There’s not many of us that are. But yeah, Hot Jar, phenomenal tool. I interviewed David Darmanin last time.

He was the most recent episode I did before we took this little bit of a break. But yeah, he’s fantastic. Their tool’s incredible.

I’m using it on my blog post as well so one of my posts has racked up, I think, 18,000 views which is ridiculous.

Talking about two different software and I’ve got polls on there as well, asking people if they have got a software or landing page software or if they don’t, what’s the most valuable part of the post, just asking a whole lot of different questions and getting feedback and it’s absolutely phenomenal.

They do really good surveys as well so I just sent an email out to my entire user base to submit a survey so that was really good feedback. So highly recommend Hot Jar.

Another one I would probably recommend and I know we both use is Click Funnels; I don’t think we’d be able to live without it. It makes building your funnel so much easier.

Currently I’m on the $97 a month plan. I’m going to fill you in on Click Funnels. Also Lead Pages, Lead Pages, if you haven’t looked at my blog,, you’ll notice that I did a comparison on Lead Pages and Click Funnels.

Pretty much I’ve got to admit, at this stage of the day, Click Funnels is a lot more user-friendly, they’ve got a lot more features, but the reason I still really like Lead Pages is their Lead box and I think Ricky can agree with me on that one there. It’s a lot cleaner, a lot more effective, and you can place it anywhere on your website and it just pops up and start picking up data.

Don’t you think?

Ricky: Yeah, absolutely. I mean Click Funnels is next level in terms of everything pretty much. But I think Lead Pages is still hanging on because their Lead boxes are just a lot cleaner.

But I think the way Click Funnels are moving that would probably make their kind of alternative just as clean. I like the cleaning in case you don’t realize [laughs] and yeah.

But I think Lead Pages is really in a struggle to kind of keep up with Click Funnels and a few other competitors that I just think. Lead Pages is a good solution for really simple stuff.

If you’re a basic marketer and you’re just looking to get leads and you’re not actually selling products online but maybe you’re calling leads or something like that, then it’s an alright solution.

But I think there’s so many users as well that you see all these Lead Pages all over the web. So I think–

Stephen: I think it got really flooded as well because you can’t edit your Lead Pages eccentrically unlike Click Funnels where you could build a whole page out.

Ricky: Yeah Click Funnels is like the WordPress of–

Stephen: It’s like a mixture of maybe optimized in LeadPages, I guess.

Ricky: Yeah, and you can do so much with it you can really customize your site like an instant slot you know, you would think that like a professional website development company built it and it would have cost a few thousand dollars but at least we’ve talked a few hours on Click Funnels and I built it myself and it’s so cool to be able to do that because you know, a few months ago someone like me who doesn’t know how to code would have to get, would have to hire someone to do all these stuff and it’s just all possible now.

Stephen: Yeah, hundred percent. And I also agree that you need to have, definitely a landing page software in your arsenal.

So, you need to have that, along with HotJar and the next one I’m mentioning as well is an active campaign that we both use definitely probably again the claimers using Ricky’s word email marketing software around it’s so simple a lot of the bigger marketers as well has decided to use it and move away from things like AWeb or Infusion Soft because active campaign between the two, so it’s not too complex but it’s not too basic it really allows you to do automations everything that you need, so does that and are there anything, am I missing anything else Ricky apart from your obvious Facebook advertising and things but using actual marketing software?

Ricky: Those are my three favorites, I reckon. Like, Click Funnels, Hotjar an active campaign. Lead Pages would maybe be number 4.

Stephen: [Laughs] Sitting here on the edge.

FEATURED DOWNLOAD: Read and download the full transcription of Episode 22. Ricky Baldasso, shares some exciting marketing tips and sales funnels hacks on the show today.
(Click Here to Download Transcription)

[22:42] Ricky: The only one I can think of that comes to mind, I don’t really use that much at the moment but I’m sure I will be going forward is the Wistia the video player.

Stephen: Yeah, really clean as well. Looks really professional, you can really customize the video, like how it looks at the side and things like that you can have it on autoplay when someone visits your website you can have, you can remove the controls so that if you’ve got like a video sales lid off and you don’t want people to scroll forward and see the price at the end of the thing or something like that, it just gives you a lot of flexibility also with branding, you can change the colors and still like that and you know, you understand that Youtube embed, embedding a Youtube video it just doesn’t look clean at all but which is great.

It has great analytics behind it as well so you can see what times people were dropping off and things like that so definitely another resource I’ll be using a lot going forward. Yeah, which is fantastic.

Again, another big one which you may have missed is just statistics as well so it tells you where people have viewed, how long they viewed into it. One of the most popular parts of your video, yeah, it’s just super clean around.

It’s just a bit expensive mind you. If you can, if you’ve got a lot of videos so I wouldn’t start with it, maybe view me is a good way to start.


Ricky: Steve actually have changed their processing, they have one main plan now. Its unlimited videos.

Stephen: Wow.

Ricky: And it’s 25 a month, they used to have like, they used to be a 100 a month or something but now, don’t quote me on this but maybe we’ll check it out after the podcast. But, I’m pretty sure $25 now, for a month you can get unlimited videos.

Stephen: Okay, I’m looking it up right this second, because I’m on the computer. I’ll tell you right now. It’s coming to you live guys, this is a live stream, straight from what is it, the goat’s mouth?

Is that the saying?

Ricky: I don’t think that’s right.

Stephen: Horse’s mouth?

Ricky: I don’t know.

Stephen: Small business, here we go, $25 a month, what does this include is the question. Unlimited videos, there are no limits on the length of your videos, video engagement graphs, lead generation tools, video, SEO.

So there you go, $25 a month, they have obviously changed their processing.  It used to be more expensive but yeah, for $25 a month, guys, I’ll get over there.

With Wistia, even if you think it’s expensive, but if you’ve got unlimited it’s fine but what I used to say is that usually Wistia on the front end so you can track your analytics and use something like Vimeo at the back end where it’s like $10.99 a month and you can host things privately, so when you’re on the domain on a membership site. Whatever it might be, but yeah, that’s fantastic.

So I love that. So I think Wistia is definitely going to be out there in the future. I think I might have to use that myself.

But I think we’re going to leave it there guys, I think that’s definitely given you a bit to think about, a bit to mull over hopefully soon we’ll get a couple more interviews coming up Jon Loomer, not fake Loomer we’ve got him on the way and I think we’ve got a couple of other special guests on the way too. So, hopefully I’ll come to you soon whether it’s before the interviews or after that not too sure. Ricky any last words?

[25:56] Ricky: Yeah, just make sure you’re not copying other people’s ads like fake Loomer. You want to stand out, you want to be authentic, and you want to be yourself so yeah.

Stephen: Don’t do a fake Loomer guys. Alright?

You do not want to be that guy in the industry. Leave it there guys, take care, have a good night, kill it or have a good day.

Whenever your listening to it, if you’re driving to work, make sure you’re productive and yeah. Make money, make profit don’t waste your time, don’t muck around.

Keep the grind going. I don’t think I’ve got anymore sayings left Ricky, anything left?

Ricky: Hustle, build the muscle.

Stephen: The hustle muscle, love it. Alright, take these guys and I’ll speak to you soon.

FEATURED DOWNLOAD: Read and download the full transcription of Episode 22. Ricky Baldasso, shares some exciting marketing tips and sales funnels hacks on the show today.
(Click Here to Download Transcription)

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