Advanced Facebook Ads Blog Re-Targeting Strategy

So I’ve been making a lot of changes to this website and wanted to touch on one specific addition which I’ve made to this website’s funnel which you can apply to yours, and that’s retargeting people based on the categories within your blog.

What Is Retargeting?


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Retargeting is when someone arrives on your website, and gets tagged with a ‘retargeting’ pixel which is present on the webpage. Then when the user returns to Facebook (or another ad network) the user will be followed with your advertisement (kind of like a billboard with legs!).

Who Can Use This?

This strategy can be used by anyone who owns a blog or delivers content to their readers through their website. This strategy will allow you to segment your list, SEO traffic or what ever other traffic arrives to read your blog posts.

Why Use This?

This retargeting strategy is is a great way of segmenting your visitors into buckets and reaching them in the most (cost) effective way possible. Not only is it completely free, but it’s a neat trick which not enough people are using to get SUPER HIGH QUALIFIED LEADS.

I like to think of this strategy sitting between a fresh new visitor to my site and between someone who has opted in for my lead magnet.

Three buckets of money in a row

When Can I Use This?

This tactic can be applied to blogs of all sizes from 10-50 page views a day up to thousands. The more traffic you receive, the cheaper your ads will be and the more successful the strategy will be as you will get more accurate data in your ads and blog posts.

The Strategy:


So the first thing you need to do is make a list of all the topics that you cover in your blog post. What categories do you sort your customers in?

For example:

menu bar

Once you’ve established this we’re onto the next step.


Head to your ‘Audiences‘ page where you’ll be able to see all your custom and lookalike audiences.

This is where we’ll be creating our custom audience. The first thing you will need to do is select ‘Create Audience’ then ‘Custom Audience‘ in the drop down box.

Custom Facebook Audience



Once this is selected, you’ll see a screen pop up like this which will prompt you to “Choose the type of audience you want to create on Facebook

Custom list Screen


You’ll need to select the ‘Website Traffic‘ as we want to track which visitors visit which pages on your blog.

Once you’ve made the selection you’ll be prompted with the following screen.

Facebook Ads Retargetting


The first thing you will need to do is change the first option “Website Traffic” to “People who visit specific web pages”.

2014-12-02 10_38_57-(1) Audience Manager


What this change does, is track specific pages from your website or blog rather than traffic from your blog as a whole.

**TIP** I’d recommend having a separate custom audience to track all traffic across your blog in case you need to reach them for any reason to run Facebook campaigns (Like/Engagement campaigns can be great for building credibility here!)

2014-12-02 10_39_17-(1) Audience Manager


Next you will need to change the drop down box to ‘URL CONTAINS‘ . What’s the difference you ask?

URL EQUALS: The tracking will only be used on the exact URL which is added into the box

URL CONTAINS: The tracking will grab anything which has the keywords included in the box

So for our purpose we want to make sure we’re using ‘URL CONTAINS‘ so that we can put in the keywords for your categories of your blog.

That way we’ll be able to track everything which is put into categories on your blog (very simple using WordPress which should already be happening in your blog).

2014-12-02 10_39_33-(1) Audience Manager


So now you need to go to your blog and see what the keywords are being used in the URL of your categories.

For this example, let’s assume every post in the blog we want to track has the keywords ‘sales-funnels’ for the Sales Funnels category of my blog.

So at this stage, Facebook will track any visitor who visits any of my posts which have been made into the Sales Funnels category.

Instantly you can see now how powerful this re-marketing trick is.

But we’re not quite done yet…

2014-12-02 10_39_46-(1) Audience Manager



Next we need to make sure that we’re tracking our visitors for the longest time possible (180 Days). This ensures we don’t lose our tracked visitor too early and we can reach them whenever we want for up to 6 months time (that’s Facebook’s maximum time limit as you can see above).

2014-12-02 10_40_02-(1) Audience Manager

Once you’ve set that make sure you’ve ticked include ‘Past Website Traffic‘ and then choose a name for your new custom website audience.

Usually naming it the category name works well and is easy to sift through. So for this example we’ll call our audience name ‘Sales Funnels’.

STEP 10:

Congratulations, you’ve setup your very first Facebook custom audience for your blog posts! Woo!

2014-12-02 11_15_02-(1) Audience Manager

STEP 11:

Now that’s you’ve completed your first custom audience you can go select OK and you’ll be taken back to your custom audience list where you’ll see your new audience listed as seen in the image below.

2014-12-02 11_15_23-(1) Audience Manager


You’ll be able to see the Audience too small‘ warning in the availability column. Don’t freak out, that’s totally fine and supposed to be there.

This is just telling you that there’s not enough visitors who have been tracked by the code for it to show. (You’ll need to have a minimum of 20 people before you start seeing this go up!).

STEP 12:

2014-12-02 11_15_36-(1) Audience Manager

Next you’ll want to select the tick box, and then go to the ‘Actions‘ menu at the top of the screen.

We’ll want to select the ‘View Pixel‘ button next, so we can see the code which needs to be added to our ‘Header‘ section to the website.

**NOTE** If you don’t have a WordPress plugin installed to add code to your websites header/footer I’d definitely have a look at this one called “Insert Headers and Footers WordPress” and install it immediately.

It’ll come in handy with lots of different tracking needs as your blog or website begins to grow.

STEP 13:

2014-12-02 11_15_50-(1) Audience Manager

And there you have it, your new custom tracking code which you need to add to the top of your website’s <head></head> section to begin tracking everyone that reads one of your posts on anything Sales Funnels related.

Rinse and Repeat


So now that I’ve shown you how we can setup one category to be tracked within your blog, yourinse-repeat should do the same for the remainder of your categories on your website. By segmenting the tracking of your visitors into ‘buckets‘ you’ll be able to send ads and run campaigns to that audience.

So try do the same now with the rest of your blog’s categories and see how you go.

All the codes can be added the to the website’s header using the plugin mentioned above. You can just copy and paste them all together on after another as you’ve already added the keyword checking function within Facebook to distinguish which categories to check after.

Awesome! What Now?


Well if you haven’t realized it yet, then you should probably not be in the Facebook marketing and blogging industry.

What this has allowed you to do is grab those visitors who have landed on your page (whether it be through organic search, social traffic, direct or referral traffic) and be able to reach them again through Facebook.

What used to happen was a visitor would find you in Google and you’d have them look around maybe 1-5% would opt in and then disappear forever.

But now, not only can you reach them again within 6 months from visiting your website in their personal Facebook news feed, BUT you can also target your ads SUPER SPECIFICALLY to what they were reading about.

You can start creating products (or may already have products) around the themes and categories of your blog and target past readers using your custom audience within Facebook for some great click through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates to make some serious profit!

Alternatively if you’re selling high ticket items you can setup a neat little sales funnel using something like ClickFunnels for example and generate $1,000 -$2,000 on auto pilot (lots of other tricks you can use too!)


GeekWant To Get More Advanced?

Are you looking for someone to implement advanced Facebook strategies for your business like the one outlined above?

You can reach me for a personal chat on here on Clarity.FM where you can arrange a time from 15 minutes to up to an hour and we can talk about anything you like.

If you enjoyed this post please leave a DISQUS comment below so I can continue to write these strategies for you.


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