The Ultimate ClickFunnels Review vs. Leadpages (No Fluff)

LeadPages vs Click Funnels

ClickFunnels vs LeadPages

If you’re reading this review, you’re looking for which software tool is superior, ClickFunnels or LeadPages. ClickFunnels is currently the superior tool which it comes to sales funnels at this point in time.

It’s easy to spot LeadPages as most templates use the same theme.

Both tools are effective for building landing pages but we look deeper to find whether this ClickFunnels review or LeadPages review is a better sales funnel solution.

Well known internet marketer Russell Brunson (founder of DotCom Secrets) has launched ClickFunnels (this week publicly at the time of writing this) which aims to be an all in one online marketer’s wet dream.

While on the other side of the landing page fence, we have the super clean, simple, actionable LeadPages who have taken sexy converting pages and marketing to a whole new level.

What is ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is now a fairly mature service developed by Russell Brunson and his team. It’s now been up and running for more than 3 years at the time of this review. As a quick aside, I learned about ClickFunnels through Russell’s new book DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online. If you want to learn how to sell products, then I highly recommend it.

ClickFunnels Review vs. LeadPages Comparison

Builds complete sales funnels you can drive leads and buyers toOnly allows you to gather leads for your business
Processes payments digitally and integrates with Stripe, Recurly, NMI and more.Doesn't integrate with payment processors to take payments
Has a flexible page builder to custom build pagesAlso has a drag and drop builder recently introduced (a bit hard to maneuver)
Allows for upsells and downsellsDoesn't have an option for upsells and downsells
Includes an AutoResponder and Affiliate Management toolDoesn't include an AutoResponder or Affiliate Management tool
Advanced sales funnel analyticsBasic page and conversion analytics

Unlike competitor products which allow you create single standalone pages, ClickFunnels is all about building different types of marketing funnels. A funnel is basically a series of pages your visitors go through to reach a certain goal and it might look like this.

So what I’m here to do today is to go through some of the features of both platforms and see which one takes the cake.

And yes, we are comparing apples with oranges on the whole….HOWEVER, there’s overlaps between the two platforms which people might wonder about.

So let’s get into this ClickFunnels Review and LeadPages Review. The Cage Match begins!


ClickFunnels vs. LeadPages Pricing

$97/mo - Just ClickFunnels sales funnel builder tool$37/mo - Very limited optin pages and limited integrations
$297/mo - Entire Etison Suite which includes ClickFunnels (Unlimited), BackPack and Actionetics$79/mo - Same as above including Split Testing, Lead Digits & Lead Links
$997/6 months -
Funnel Hacks Package unlimited Etison Suite + Sales Funnel Training
$2400/yr - Complete LeadPages package and features and training (Only available annually)

ClickFunnels Pricing Monthly

Click Funnels and LeadPages both offer monthly no lock in contract options and yearly subscriptions are available for both companies.

ClickFunnels (again at the time of writing) offers a 14 Day Trial for all new members to test out their platform, while LeadPages has never (as far as I know) offered a free trial to their members, only 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so they can cancel from within their account at any time and receive a full refund.

Click Funnels uses a direct up-sell to offer you a yearly alternative with 2 months free, along with double the visits, funnels and pages. So similarly to LeadPages offering 20% and 30% off on their accounts when signing up on their Yearly plans, this only appears to ClickFunnels member’s once they have made a purchase.

LeadPages Pricing Monthly

Now while this might change (and likely will, after data is aggregated from their launch) it just highlights the different mechanisms in pricing and how both companies offers are positioned.

LeadPages offers their Annual and 2 Year Billing (most recently added) upfront to all their customers while ClickFunnels (naturally) uses their funnel through a direct up-sell. I really would like to dissect both of their checkout forms at a later date as if you dive deep into what they have done, why they have designed parts of the pages the way they have, you’ll stand back in awe at the ingenious conversion masters that they are.

Another up-sell which ClickFunnels use on their checkout page is their one off eBook sale as you can see below for $47. Expect to see their checkout pages being split tested a fair bit (I’ve already seen this box below in a few different colors!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 2.25.19 pm

Page Designs Comparison

ClickFunnels Landing Page Designs

ClickFunnels Templates

It’s super refreshing to see a platform with some new pages, kind of reminds me of Unbounce. As you can see in the image above, their range of page designs are quite vast (this is only for Opt Ins) and can be used in a number of ways. While they may not look as sexy as LeadPages landing pages right off the bat, at the end of the day all that matters is the conversion rates.


LeadPages Template Designs

These are the LeadPages templates we all know and love. Frankly, I still love how they continue to add new pages and update constantly. Exactly why I have been one of their customers for so long! They’re sexy and you can sort them by conversion, what more could you want?

The Bottom Line

Bottom line, there’s a few things I’d like to highlight for the pages available. ClickFunnels only lets you access certain pages and funnels based on your account level ($97+ gets you all the access) where LeadPages lets you access everything from $37. Having said that, as seen in the pricing table, split tests are not included in a LeadPages basic plan.

Again, until the full list is unlocked in the launch, it will be difficult to give an accurate judgement on which platform has more pages and what types of pages they have. We’ll most likely compare more of their features in future blog posts.

And on a more personal level, you can choose which dashboard you like to use as well. LeadPages has a nice clean dashboard, while ClickFunnels uses flat images and icons throughout their platform.

Flat Image Funnel Types

The Editor

This is a very important part in measuring conversion and will play a big role in how widespread the templates are used so they don’t become saturated. Personally, one of the only drawbacks (if you could even call it a drawback) to LeadPages is that they were so good, that now most well known (and even novice) internet marketers are using the platform for Facebook Ads left right and center.

LeadPages Editor

LeadPages Editor

This means that you can recognize a LeadPage (Landing Page) from a mile away and when people (the normal non-internet marketers) start noticing the similarity between all these page designs it’ll be more obvious that people are trying to squeeze a lead out of them. Having said that, I’m confident the crew at LeadPages will be smart enough to adapt and start churning out more high-quality pages more often to give their users more variety.

Where, as you’ll see in the screenshots provided, ClickFunnels allows for heavy customization’s to be made to their templates.

ClickFunnels Editor

ClickFunnels Editor

From creating an entire page from scratch to setting up and moving around videos, text, opt-in buttons, bullet points…really anything you want, you can create a beast of a page to suit your desires.

Having said that I personally prefer to have that added customization options in a controlled environment like UnBounce and OptimizePress.

The Support

Support is a major concern when working with internet marketing software as a lot of companies fail, outsource or provide a shocking knowledge base and expect everyone to do their own thing.


ClickFunnels offers Priority Phone Support to their Enterprise members along with Priority Template Requests.

Those two support options are not available to any of the other accounts according to their pricing table in their knowledge-base.

While all other accounts receive regular email support.


As seen on their pricing table, LeadPages customers receive a little more support than ClickFunnels members do.

Regular members receive Only email, Pro Members receive Live Chat and email, and their Enterprise Members receive email, live chat and phone support.

It’s unclear whether ClickFunnels will offer Live Chat support at this time to their customers, but at this stage it looks like LeadPages have made it clear to their members that if you’re someone who may need help you’re better off signing up to their more expensive plans.

The Affiliate Programs

I’m going to keep this one fairly short and just give you the straight up facts. But being an affiliate for these two products can make you a lot of money if you’re a blogger, podcaster or do any type of work on the internet.

I know for a fact people like John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire makes a killing with LeadPages and I’m really excited to see what happens with ClickFunnels now that it’s launched to see which big names JV with Russel to launch this product.


It appears you do not need to be a member to start becoming an affiliate for this product.

  • 35% Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Commissions


You can only become an affiliate if you’re an active member of their LeadPages Pro account.

  • 30% Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Commissions

The Integration of 3rd Party Applications

Integration is an important part of both platforms as not having enough 3rd party integration will limit the potential users which you can target to sign up to your product.

Neither of the companies have any major issues as they support the main email marketing companies (Your aWebers, Mail Chimps etc.).

But let’s have a closer look.


If you have a look at one of ClickFunnels videos they preach that their beta testers have all said going forward you only need ClickFunnels and an email marketing application for the rest of your marketing.

Which if that was the case, would be pretty amazing.

Keep in mind, ClickFunnels integrates with merchants as well, seeing as their pages can be used to checkout and make payments for tripwires, core products, high ticket products and much more.

But here’s a list of their integrations currently on offer:

Payment Integrations:ClickFunnels Integration Alternatives

Email Integrations:


Email Integrations:LeadPages Integration Options

Webinar Integrations:

  • GoTo Webinar

They also state in their FAQ that if you don’t find your chosen integration on their list to contact support so they can make it work for you. Otherwise they’ll ‘refund your money ASAP’.

LeadPages only offers integrations for email marketing and Webinar at this stage.

The Handy Features

I wanted to add this little section in because both platforms have some really handy features which I think make them stand out in their own unique ways. While these might not be the core of their products, it’s definitely something which makes you head turn when you hear about them.

Before I forget, if you’re looking for someone to setup your sales funnel for a new product or service, don’t hesitate to email me directly here – I respond personally to all messages in 24 hours and we’ll make sure you’ve got a kick ass sales funnel ready to go.

  • Digital Asset Delivery (ClickFunnels and LeadPages)

This is a great addition which Leadpages and ClickFunnels both offer to all their accounts. It makes lead magnets super easy to use and works a charm when you are using lots of them at once. The only issue I have with these is that you can’t use this with a double opt in. So you need to make sure that if you’re using this on one main list, that it’s a single opt in process.

Although having said that, there’s no reason why someone would put in a dodgy email if you’re sending them their gift full of goodies to the wrong email address!

  • Sharing Your Funnel With Other Members (ClickFunnels Only)

I absolutely love this, and have no doubt that LeadPages will catch on and introduce this very shortly. It’s such a simple idea yet so powerful. If you’re at an event for example, you could share this with everyone at the current event in the audience so you can show people how successful you high converting funnel is step by step.

As well as if you were in a mastermind, sharing high converting pages and techniques will mean you can start growing and building your funnel a hell of a lot quicker.

  • Bonus Template (LeadPages Only)

This was only recently introduced through the LeadPages blog, but I think it’s a great template which again will be adopted more widely. It’s basically offering a bribe/bonus to members who do not opt in and re-target them using Facebook or whichever re-targeting you choose to use (AdRoll or PerfectAudience).

  • Funnel % Click Through Layout + Drag and Drop Pages(ClickFunnels Only)

Now I know you might think, this is the whole reason the software was created so you can see who’s moving through the funnel. But LeadPages could have definitely implemented a simple system where they could link up funnels in the same way (and probably will in the near future). It makes it super straight forward to see which funnel is working and which parts of your funnel need tweaking.

I really loved the drag and drop between pages through the funnel. It removes one headache I constantly had with LeadPages which was setting up links to Thank You Pages (I always forgot to add them and then wondered why my Facebook ads weren’t working!).

With this setup, it makes your life 1000 times easier and you’ll never need to worry about forgetting Thank You pages again.


So after having a look at only some of the main features of the two platforms, it’s clear that they both have a lot to offer. Both come from reputable and proven internet marketing backgrounds so you can be confident in using both technologies and getting results.

This might sound strange, but I feel ClickFunnels is more of a ‘sneaky’ internet marketer’s tool simply because of when I registered the up-sell was only available once I ordered, but that might be just me!

Either way, I love some sneakiness every now and again if it yields results! But it really comes down to these main factors:

What’s your budget?

If you can use the tools to actually make a profit then using either one of them should be a no-brainer

Do you want something a little more established or the new guy on the block?

ClickFunnels is extremely new while LeadPages is quite established now and has been gaining some momentum.

How much experience do you have?

If I was just starting out I would recommend starting with LeadPages so you have pre-made designs which are less customizable so you can get your head around what’s going on. But if you’ve had a bit of experience or are in the more advanced level, then I think getting a mid ranged ClickFunnels plan would be more appropriate. Either way, I don’t think you should cancel one account before the other, until you have had some time to play around and try them both out.

Do you need just landing pages or sales pages?

Click Funnels offers integrations with payment processors so you can start selling right off the bat using their system where as LeadPages is only for leads and currently has no direct payment integration options.

Will you be using the system or will your VA (Virtual Assistant)?

I know a lot of advanced internet marketers have teams of VA’s who handle their pages and set ups (as do I), so you want to make sure that they know what they’re doing. Most (good/smart) VAs will be able to learn LeadPages pretty quickly as it’s been around for a while, but just make sure you have them learn how to use ClickFunnels effectively because the worst thing is spending money on the new software only to have realized nothings been happening the entire time!

Final Notes…

You can expect this post to be updated quite regularly as I am really excited to see where this goes. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll endeavour to keep this post updated as much as possible as new features and changes come up for both companies. I think the internet marketing space will be changing a fair bit in the coming 12-24 months as more people start new online platforms like these to compete for a slice of the pie. *(Also a note, that I am using affiliate links within this post, so if you do want to go purchase either of these two powerhouses, clicking a link will pass me off a little commission!)*

Very interesting times ahead, hopefully whatever happens you keep profiting from these new opportunities!

If you have comments please throw them in below, so I can get back to them as soon as possible!

EDIT 1: 28/9/2014

ClickFunnels have introduced their Webinar Funnel and it’s pretty damn awesome. You can really quite easily map out your webinar’s registration, confirmation, up-sell, replay…really whatever your heart desires! (take a look at what’s on offer below).

Webinar Pages Available ClickFunnels

While I’m at it, I want to mention their ‘reverse launch’ where they roll out features over days is a really great unique way to do it. With major competitors like LeadPages, Unbounce, Optimizepress etc. this keeps people one their toes and builds some massive hype.

As you can see they’ve got a handful of different types of pages which are available under the Webinar Funnels section (the last one is “Misc.” which got chopped off at the bottom of the drop down box.)

Now most importantly, this introduces a marketplace of landing pages for LeadPages customers where consumers will be able to purchase pages off other members (100% commissions are given to members). This is going to the largest pool of landing pages with a simple editor interface. This will also lead to 3rd party websites like LeadPages Ninjas and PSDtoLP to start designing + programming pages into LeadPages for customers who want to start making some revenue in the marketplace.

They have already started mentioning big names in the Internet Marketing industry whose landing pages they have published to the marketplace which continue to build and expand LeadPages‘ authority. Some of these names include Ezra Firestone (Smart Marketer), James Schramko (Super Fast Business) and Ryan Deis s(Digital Marketing)….but no Russell Brunson 😛 (by the way, all those guys are killing it as of late, so kudos to them!)

At the end of the day, this is going to make LeadPages a bigger juggernaut in the industry than it has ever been, so ClickFunnels will need to hustle hard with their points of difference to catch up.

I still love both of these platforms and think that the more competition between them, the better it will become for consumers as productivity and development is brought to market quicker.

Expect another edit on the two companies very soon!

EDIT 2: 7/10/2014

So here’s this other edit I was telling you about.

It looks like I’ve come to the end of my two-week trail of ClickFunnels and am now going to be billed. It was fun while it lasted, but I have no issues paying for an account with great software.

One thing which stuck out to me recently was the incredible support of ClickFunnels. One thing which really annoys me when I pay for software with any company is horrible support and being routed to ‘some tech guy’.

But with ClickFunnels I’ve submitted 3 tickets with at least a combined 800 words of suggestions and bugs and each time was responded back in 12 hours with a name behind the computer who I can actually reach out to. They also went above and beyond telling me xxx programmer and xxx designer are working on the issue and other users have faced the same ones.

This to me is a big stand out from the crowd.

In the mean time I haven’t been using LeadPages all that much recently I must admit but I will still be likely to hang on to my account.

Until I see the marketplace in action and see if there’s some new templates I fancy that is….because who doesn’t love to spend money on high converting templates for their business which bring in more sales right?

However for me personally, the biggest feature ClickFunnels have released is their Membership Funnel.

Being able to support an entire membership site in their software is phenomenal, and a membership funnel to build around it is exactly what I’ve been looking for after deep research into the available options available before I launched Meggle Masterclass.

I’m sure I’ll make another update to this post very soon!

EDIT 3: 9/10/2014

After having just attended Russel Brunson’s webinar on ClickFunnels Ninja tactics which was pretty much an introduction to the software, he answered one of my questions which I’d been wondering for a while.

Will there be a ClickFunnels marketplace soon?

“Someone just asked if there’ll be a marketplace coming out soon and the answer is yes”

Awesome news for ClickFunnels members 🙂

Also not only have are they bringing out a marketplace soon but they mentioned their support have returned every single ticket with an answer in 24 hours (which they have in the 3-4 tickets I have already sent them, usually less than 12 hours!).

So LeadPages has a lot of live up to and the pressure will well and truly be on for them to continue to dominate the market as the number one landing page software.

While I’m at it, if Russell or Clay ever end up reading this I hope they reach out to me so we can do an interview and pick their brains about what’s in store for both companies.

More updates will continue to be made on this post so hopefully see more innovation in these companies and they bring to the table some massive results for their customers!

I’m personally looking forward to the new templates ClickFunnels brings out and the new templates LeadPages brings out in their more recently released marketplace.

EDIT 4: 4/1/2015

So it’s been a couple of months since the last edit for this post and I thought I’d give you the update on what’s been changing between the two companies.

Let’s start with LeadPages – as 2014 came to an end, LeadPages released their early adopter’s program and the offer was pretty amazing.

They released an offer for about 4-5 days or so before midnight New Years Eve for customer to purchase/upgrade their LeadPages account to gain access to next year’s updates for a reduced price.

The two new additions to the LeadPages team were:

  1. LeadDigits
  2. Template Importer

What is LeadDigits all about?

LeadDigits is a mobile lead generation technology which will allow people to text in keywords to a number from all over the world (where the service is offered) and then the visitor will be able to join your email list from there.

For a full explanation on what LeadDigits is from the horses mouth, this is what they wrote:

Once you have access to LeadDigits™, you will be able to ask people to join your email lists, register for your webinars, and even opt-in to receive specific lead magnets — all through SMS text messaging.

In effect, you’ll be able to accomplish all the tasks you can now do inside LeadPages™ with either LeadPages™ or LeadBoxes® — only with SMS text messaging instead of sending subscribers to webforms.

For example, let’s say you’re filming a YouTube video, and you want YouTube viewers to opt-in for your email list. With LeadDigits™, you could simply ask all your viewers to text a specific predetermined word like “enroll” to your LeadDigit™ short code.

Once your YouTube fans text “enroll” to your LeadDigit™ number, they will instantly get a text back asking for their email address. Assuming they respond with their email address, your fans can now be 1) added to your email list, 2) simultaneously registered for your next webinar, and 3) instantly receive an email with your promised lead magnet.

That’s all by sending only two SMS text messages.

As you can imagine, the possible applications for LeadDigits™ are practically limitless. But here’s the bottom line — anywhere you can tell potential customers to text you is a potential place where you could use LeadDigits™ to grow your audience and customer-base.


Before you ask, I’m on it. I’m a stickler for specifics and details so I asked a few further questions about the service

Will LeadDigits be available worldwide?

Clay’s Reply: LeadDigits will eventually be available via a number of international phone numbers. Right now we can’t comment on exactly which countries will and will not be on the list.

What are the call costs for someone to opt in via LeadDigits? (just local call costs?)

Clay’s Reply: Opt-in costs for opting into lists with LeadDigits will be determined by local carries. We don’t set those prices.

Are there any restrictions on number of keywords/messages for LeadDigits?

Kat’s Reply:  You can use multiple identifiers, with the same short code. So for example, you could use a different identifier for each campaign. You will be able to set up multiple keywords with LeadDigits. As for the exact number, we’ll have more details on that in the New Year.

When will LeadDigits be released?

Kat’s Reply: We will be rolling out LeadDigits in late February.

LeadPages Importer

What’s the website importer all about?

This ones quite self explanatory, a tool which generates lead pages from existing opt in pages.

Here’s he definition from LeadPages:

Our LeadPages™ Page Importer allows you to turn webpages you own into customizable LeadPages™ templates that you can edit and publish inside LeadPages™.

To use it, simply drop the URL of a web page you own into the LeadPages™ Page Importer and our Importer will transform this page into a new LeadPages™ template that you can quickly modify and use for any purpose in your marketing.

For example, let’s say that you have a custom opt-in page that you regularly use for your clients. Rather than paying a designer to customize this page for each individual marketing campaign, you could simply drop this opt-in page into the Page Importer.

Within minutes, you’ll have an easy-to-update LeadPages™ template that you can modify for each of your clients’ marketing campaigns. Inside LeadPages™, you can also easily integrate this new opt-in page with your clients’ CRMs, duplicate it to run split tests, and even publish it on the LeadPages™ server or your clients’ Facebook fanpages if you wish.

That’s just one example of how you can use the LeadPages™ Page Importer. We look forward to hearing how you’re using the Page Importer to quickly scale your marketing.

What was the nitty gritty from this update?

Is it possible to import other people’s pages?

Kevin’s Reply: You must own the pages and have rights to the pages you import

Will the importer work to import new site templates and then list them directly to the marketplace up for sale?

Clay’s Reply: The importer will import site templates. However, all marketplace templates must pass our marketplace approval guidelines and related quality standards.

Finally, how much do these amazing LeadPages updates cost in the Early Adopter program?

LeadPages Early Adopters Program

So I’m going to leave this update here, I haven’t noticed any significant changes on the ClickFunnels side of things just yet.

Some minor updates Click Funnels have included:

  • New landing page designs
  • Addition of integration options available to host pages
  • ‘How-To’ tutorials added in their dashboard to help members
  • Manage Leads in a sort of ‘ClickFunnels’ Dashboard (I really love this when I’m going through seeing opt-ins…not sure why, think I’m sick of email marketing dashboards)

While writing this edit I’m currently in Bali, Indonesia by the beach, so I’m going to sign off and come back to this within the next 30 days for another update!

If you have any questions, throw them in the comments and I’ll get you an accurate answer!

EDIT 5: 20/9/2015

So we’re doing a big update on some of the new stuff which ClickFunnels has rolled out now as we near the end of 2015.

One of the main things has been they’ve rolled out a new user interface! It looks absolutly stunning, and I’ve got a screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 2.26.17 pm

You can now start building your funnels based on your goals (a lot more clean and less messy right?)

Another big change they made was their roll out of the two biggest automation parts of the company:

Backpack & Actionetics

We’ve spoken a lot about how both of these software work and it’s been on the agenda for a while but finally ClickFunnels has announced the roll out of them to be October 1st along with a new pricing structure.

What will the new pricing structure be?

The full ClickFunnels suite will include the existing ClickFunnels Enterprise package PLUS Actionetics (Up to 100,000 contacts) and BackPack all for $297/month.

This is essentially what the enterprise plan was with a free inclusion of Actionetics and Backpack absolutely free. (That’s a pretty good deal in my opinion).

Now given that these changes are coming, I’m sure there’ll be more information on how it’ll all happen but ClickFunnels has made a bunch of changes since their launch we discussed at the top of this blog post.

We’ll be covering most of them in the features post along with what LeadPages has been up to.

But before we post all the technicalities and specifics over there, they have also announced a competition called their “Dream Car” competition.

If you’re a ClickFunnels affiliate and recommend 100 people to their software you’ll earn yourself a free car (they’ll cover all your lease repayments up to $500 for recommending 100 people, or $1000 if you recommend 200 people or more, pretty crazy deal right?)

Lastly, I’d like to embed two video which ClickFunnels uses (explainer videos) for BackPack and Actionetics.

Both of these (while stunningly designed) really explain the power of the software and what they’ll be able to offer to your business – it’s pretty mind blowing stuff.

Here’s the other post you can read up on all the technicalities and changes which are occurring at ClickFunnels and LeadPages.

This post will be a little more technical with screenshots and everything else too.

EDIT 6: 28/3/2016

Recently ClickFunnels added a few changes to their editor. These changes came very welcomed as the editor hasn’t changed too much since the beginning of this blog post review.

Font Awesome & Inline Text Editing

This is a great addition to the editor which now means you can change fonts as well as giving advanced text editing capabilities. With an editor that continues to grow and continues to change, it can only mean bigger and better things for users who want to make stunning looking ClickFunnels pages.

clickfunnels font awesome icons

Custom Size Change And Font Type

As you can see in the picture below, the Google font has a ton of different types of fonts and can allow for a lot more creativity in your sales funnel landing page. Additionally, in the field above, you’ll notice you can now set a custom size for the text being used in the “headline” element.

This, while it may not look like a major change, makes all the difference in speed of development for your landing pages.


Additional Icons Added & Text Columns

This was one of my personal favourite changes that were made. The way ClickFunnels added more icons to the editor really makes the calls to actions pop!

I think that icons are one of the easiest ways to draw attention to different parts of the page.

Another addition which is quite handy was the “text columns” which you can split into one, two, three or four columns.


EDIT 7: 7/2/2017 (February 7th 2017)

ClickFunnels v2.0 has a new editor!

You heard it here first, that’s right. With the new ClickFunnels editor now you can do a a lot more as well as take advantage of what’s coming soon in future updates as well!

Feature 1 – Completely New User Interface

As you can see in the video above, ClickFunnels has a completely brand new interface you can take advantage of. It’s beautiful and stunning so you’ll be able to design even nicer looking landing pages. The first thing you’ll notice about the new interface is the toolbar across the top of the editor and revised looking toolbar alongside the right of the editor.

For more detailed and ongoing information you can read the updated post here: Clickfunnels vs. LeadPages Ongoing Features Battle (Real-time Updates)

The reason I decided to do this, is because this post was getting a little long winded. Most people who come to the page are looking for a summary on which is the better tool and the facts upfront on the core features of both products. I think in the 4,652 words above I’ve done a half decent job of summing that up.

If you want to stay up to date (and are a bit of a internet marketing software nerd like me) then you can keep reading some of the neat roll outs they have going on in the new post.

I’m still responding to every question and comment so keep them coming in the DISQUS section below!

So let’s keep the conversation going on the other thread, see you there!

ClickFunnels Review: Main Takeaways

  • ClickFunnels is a very strong sales funnel tool which you can use to build high converting funnels
  • LeadPages is a cheaper alternative if you simply want to focus on lead generation
  • To take payments online with flexibility ClickFunnels makes it very easy
  • Using a builder like LeadPages allows for a great looking page with minimal work
  • Focus on your marketing message instead of tools, ClickFunnels makes this easy
  • ClickFunnels is a great all in one tool
  • LeadPages doesn’t work with affiliate management or CRMs

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  1. Avatar V Wood says:

    Hi Stephen – something I didn’t read in your article… regarding both platforms… who “owns” the leads generated..? So, you sign with one, use it for a year or so then want to walk… who ‘owns’ the ‘rights’ to the leads..? You, or the platform? Do you have any isight on that level?

    • Hey!

      Great question! So what happens is, when you use either ClickFunnels or LeadPages you will have to integrate it with an email marketing service (aWeber, MailChimp etc.) which will gather all the leads created.

      So you own each and every lead generated 100%. NO ONE has access to those but you even after you close your account. They are held with your email marketing provider, in which case you can export them etc from them.

      If you need further explanation please be sure to let me know 🙂


  2. Avatar Dale Airhart says:

    What is the file size for digital products in ClickFunnels? If it is low, does it integrate with Amazon S3?
    Does the Membership site offer (me) to upload digital download products for my members to download? Thanks for this review by the way!!! Awesome:-)

    • Hey Dale,

      Attached a screenshot for the digital assets to be uploaded.

      There’s currently no S3 integrations, but I believe you can use auto res ponders with attachments if needed.

      Additionally I’ve added the resources template to the membership section so you can see what it looks like too. But you’ll only be able to upload them to 3rd parties and link them to your site (upload ti Amazon S3 and link in your membership site).

      If you need more information let me know!

  3. Avatar tomfairhall says:

    Great article I have both and the customisation of Clickfunnels is amazing and Im having fun building mini sites and making my funnels my only gripe is I have a problem with syncing the html email intergration it wont sync and I get frustrated but Im sure support will walk me through it. Im not using LeadPages anywhere near as much but its still there if I need something quickly or if I need a split test.

    Thanks again and how are you getting along with interviews from Russell and Clay

    • How good is it!

      Playing around with funnels and creating mini sites is lots of fun (and a bit distracting sometimes!).

      Hopefully support helps you through with your issue. And I think you’ll start to see LeadPages come in handy in 2015 especially their LeadBox feature.

      So far, haven’t been able to get either one of them onto the podcast! So the quest still continues, but just had Neil Patel on for a chat which was incredible (another next level marketer!).

  4. Avatar Shawn Moran says:

    Thanks for your article. I’ve been extensively researching both platforms. All the reviews I’ve read seem to suggest it’s hard to go wrong with either one. Nice problem to have in this day and age with all the different products offered. I’m currently leaning towards ClickFunnels. As you know Russel is a die hard beliver in split testing everything. I read one of his articles where he admitted that he got so caught up in the beginning testing his sites and offers and not his sales funnels. One he did, his conversions exceeded his expectations. I can’t help to think that him and his team will continuously improve on their processes. Thanks again….Shawn

    • Hey Shawn,

      Yeah Russell’s a machine! Clickfunnels is also a sponsor of the Traffic and Conversion summit run by the guys over at Digital Marketer more recently.

      If you’re using these pieces of software on a big scale, I definitely say have both on hand like myself, you just can’t go wrong.

      But if you have to pick one over the other it will depend on how you plan on using them and your business etc.

      Glad the article was helpful for you! Take care 🙂

  5. […] selling high ticket items you can setup a neat little sales funnel using something like ClickFunnels for example and generate $1,000 -$2,000 on auto pilot (lots of other tricks you can use […]

  6. Avatar Tara says:

    Thanks for the article – it was very informative and I’m trying to decide which is the best platform for my business. Also, Leadapages does offer the option to add your Paypal, Stripe or other payment processor on the page. I’m looking at launching an automated webinar. I’ve bookmarked this article. Thanks!

    • Hey Tara,

      You’re right! Although it’s not as natively integrated like Clickfunnls is (with their Sales Funnels for example). You won’t find support for VSLs, Upsells Clickfunnels has.

      Automated webinars are fantastic for Clickfunnels and Leadpages – so you shouldn’t have any issues there 🙂

    • Hey Tara! Keep in mind Clickfunnels is the only one with 1 click upsells/downsells and customizable order pages that are fully integrated with Stripe (and Paypal+Braintree is in beta testing for the same support).

  7. […] as most of you may have noticed, the most popular blog post by far is my post on ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages (see […]

  8. Avatar Jennifer Brentano says:

    Stephen, Not even sure where to begin so I’ll go basic on you…first, thank you for posting this. I’m NOT tech savvy and I’m okay with that. That being said, it’s time to grow my small business and I still don’t know which to choose. I want to be able to create a page that will allow me to share some info about an upcoming workshop (including a video), they sign up for it by entering their info and making payment (I’d like to use SquareUp for my payment collector – I don’t know if that’s even possible). I could go on, but that’s the gist of where I’m at. Thoughts?

    Thank you beyond thank you for helping me get this far!!

    • Hey Jennifer!

      Awesome to see you got some value out of this post – makes me super pleased.

      Clickfunnels & LeadPages will both be able to do that for you, however the only part i’m unsure about is integrating ‘SquareUp’ as a payment collector (it’s the first time I’ve heard of that payment processor).

      If you like – shoot me an email in my contact form and I can give you some more specific advice 🙂

      Hope that helps!
      – Stephen

  9. Avatar Tyson_Q says:

    Hey Stephen, fantastic post. I’m the CEO of Instapage and I’d like to offer you a lifetime free unlimited account.

    In exchange, all we’d like is a review of our platform (you can say whatever you like about it). We think we’ve created the easiest to use and most customizable landing page platform online. Let me know if you’re interested.

    You can let our support know about the offer as well.

    • Hey Tyson_Q ,

      I’ve actually created a free account and played around with Instapage before and it’s a cool ‘drag n drop’ landing page software which I’m sure has taken a lot of development hours, blood sweat and tears to build. And I respect you for having done that – not easy!

      Having said that, it’s a software for beginners which unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend to business owners unless they’re extremely early in their online marketing endeavors.

      I write reviews on my blog for products I use to build my (and my clients) businesses, which I know, like, trust and have had success in.

      Another reason I don’t think I’d be able to recommend the product is the dodgy adwords tactics for keywords like ‘leadpages’. (img attached).

      If less time & money was spent on focusing on competitor’s reviews, competitor’s keywords etc. and more on building “the easiest to use and most customizable landing page platform online” then I think you’d have no problems getting customers and word would spread much quicker.

      Hopefully you take the feedback on board and begin killing it.

      – Stephen

      • Have to completely disagree with you there Stephen. I design landing pages for my clients for a living and have tried LeadPages and ClickFunnels, as well as other tools like Unbounce and Instapage.

        In my opinion, tools like LeadPages and Clickfunnels are for beginners because they provide fixed templates that are great if you don’t know what you’re doing as you only have to change the copy and maybe an image or two.

        But if you want to change things around or add new elements to the page (or create a page from scratch), you’re out of luck with LeadPages and expect frustration with ClickFunnels.

        My personal favorite is Instapage as it has the most easy to use, and somehow also the most flexible page editor out of all the tools I’ve tried.

        They have new pricing plans now and all of them (even the cheapest plan) have unlimited pages and unlimited traffic.

        My advice is to try each tool yourself and see what works best for you. The best tool is the one that gets you up and running fast with the least hassle.

        ~ David

        • Definitely agree it’s each user to their own preference.

          Personally, I don’t build landing pages and like stringing them together one by one which is another reason why CF really appeals to me.

          LeadPages also brought out a new “Drag and Drop” editor over the last 2-3 days which I’ll update the post about.

          Either way, it’s good to hear all these companies are constantly changing, updating and improving across their editors, plans and technology.

          It just means a better end user experience for us.

  10. Avatar nlpmum says:

    Hi Stephen, Just found this as I’m considering signing up for Clickfunnels. The thing I’m really impressed with is the ability to build membership pages, so, I have three questions…. I know, sorry!
    1. Don’t quite get your response on the file upload size I’m afraid – is there a limit or is the limit just the limit on your own server? So the limit might be the limit on aweber?
    2. The only other places doing membership that I’ve come across are Ed Dale’s Ultimate Product System and Optimise Press – so how does Clickfunnels compare to either of these? Price wise, I think Optimise Press is much much cheaper so does it do the same thing?
    3. It looks to me that with either Optimise Press or Clickfunnels you could pretty much run a business without a website if you really wanted to (I don’t but it seems that all the business end/money making could be on the end of the funnel in one of these systems) Is that correct?

    Thanks for your responses.
    Cheers Fiona

    • Hey @nlpmum:disqus,

      1. I beleive there wouldn’t be a limit. But if there is, you should be able to send them a link to dropbox or an Amazon S3 link where you can host larger files (videos etc.) if you need to.

      2. Never heard of Ed Dale’s Ultimate Product System, but Optimizepress is a great membership site alternative. However for me, Clickfunnels is without a doubt the obvious choice, simply because it houses evertyhing you need under one roof.

      If you look at my other ‘features’ post. You’ll see all the new features they’re rolling out and how it really will be the only tool you need. (Including sending emails, crm etc.)

      3. 100%. But it all depends on your business.
      Every business contains 3 important parts.

      Traffic > Lead Gen > Sales

      If you’re getting a lot of traffic from SEO for example, it may not be the ideal solution for you. But if you’re generating paid traffic – then you’d be completely fine!

      • Avatar nlpmum says:

        Hi Stephen – Thanks for your prompt response. Most appreciated! So re part 2, Is Click Funnels looking to integrate the email responder? That really would make it a no brainer. It’s all the linkages/api stuff that make things so challenging for us non-techies! There’s still the price thing to overcome, but I’m becoming convinced it’s the way to go. Thanks for your help. Fiona

        • Best way for me to help you is for me to ask you what you sales funnel is……

          What does your sales funnel look like? 😛

          That way I can diagnose what the best solution for you is.

          Clickfunnels integrates email providers, but are also rolling out a CRM too.

          • Avatar nlpmum says:

            Hi Stephen – I’ve just signed up to Clickfunnels (I can always come out of it if I don’t like it after 29 days!) BUT – blimey their own sales funnel has just gone horribly wrong – I thought I’d signed up to a year of enterprise but their upsell tells me I can upgrade to a yearly subscription and double the number of pages and funnels I can have and get two months extra free – I certainly don’t need more than Enterprise AND what have I signed up to? Very difficult to know since I haven’t had an email confirmation of my purchase either!!!!! Not exactly feeling confident in it atm.

          • Yep – so basically that’s their upsell (as mentioned in the beginning of this blog post).

            Yearly Subscription: 2 Months Free + Double the Pages & Funnels.

            I can’t remember but I think it was one-click upsell.

            If you have any issues I’d shoot a message to their support anyway, they’re really top knotch and 95% of the time reply in less than 6 hours to my emails!

          • Avatar nlpmum says:

            Already done Stephen. It was really odd to see that upsell on an offer for a years enterprise version. I never signed up to monthly in the first place. Anyhow, hopefully they’ll sort it. I’d like to see a receipt for my payment too, but I assume they’ve had it since I seem to be able to access the system. Anyhow, thanks for your help. Off to play with it….. actually I’m off to bed, it’s midnight here, but I’ll be having a play around with it tomorrow. 🙂 Fiona

          • Enjoy! Have fun and let us know how it all goes 🙂

  11. Avatar Howie J says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Solid review and breakdown of the features from both of these platforms. Obviously, the price is a little bit steeper with Click funnels, but they are also offering another level of capabilities.

    Right now, I am still REALLY up in the air, though. I feel they are probably both great platforms with a ton of value, but I really don’t like the whole upsell thing that they are doing with Click funnels. It seems pointless, beyond trying to create an urgency to get their members who are already shelling out a decent chunk of change to make an upgrade decision right then and there.

    I have a ton of respect for Russell and he has certainly been around for quite some time and managed to be one of the few relevant IM “gurus” that continues to succeed from 6-7 years ago to present day. However, it seems that Pat Flynn puts a little more effort to communicate with his readers and connect with them on a personal level, which establishes more trust.

    I feel Russell may have slightly more authority, but I’m not sure I like the “sneakiness” of the marketing and don’t find it necessary. It just seems greedy at that point. What do you think?

    Also, do you really get any real value out of the low cost memberships? From Click Funnels, it seems their bottom-tier membership is a complete waste. If you are going to sign up for that level and eliminate a TON of features that separate them from Lead Pages, you might as well just go with Lead Pages. What are your thoughts about this? Can you still get a lot of value out of the $40 level Lead Pages membership? Thanks!

    • Hey @disqus_WrBz9OsTU1:disqus,

      Some great points and questions, let me see if I can try shed some light for you.

      The nature of upsells directly after purchasing a product isn’t really anything new. So OTO’s (One time offers) are just that, only available for one time.

      While I also feel that these OTOs are a sneakier way of selling people, if they get results I don’t think there’s anything ethically wrong with them. The same way a shop puts their clothes on sale for 48 hours only out of the blue!

      As for your question on the basic packages, I started on both early packages for CF and LP and they both still have a ton of value.

      I built all the OPT in pages I needed to with Clickfunnels and it was still extremely powerful, same goes for LeadPages.

      So I think if you’re a bit hesitant, try on one of the lowest packages first, and get used to the system, builder and more. Then when you’re getting an ROI or are ready to start building more advanced systems + funnel, you can upgrade 🙂

      Great thing about both is you can go month to month without any issues.

      Personally the cost is all about ROI – if you’re going to be making MONEY using the software, then it shouldn’t be an issue 🙂

      Hope this helps!

      – Stephen

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  13. Wow! I tried the Click Funnels trial a while back and I must admit, was completely clueless but I would imagine being a virtual newbie to a lot of this I would have been lost on both platforms. Finally getting things figured out and this post is amazing. The constant edits & updates will keep me coming back. Thanks for making it easy for the new girl over here 🙂

  14. Avatar John Newton says:

    Stephen, I found a major problem with at least the webinar funnels in ClickFunnels. The social share function does not work properly because the “og:info” data is missing. This is also likely to affect Facebook retargeting. Not ETA for a fix from support. Gonna have to go back to LeadPages, but their designs are not quite as nice.

    • Hey @disqus_ZSOpwEed6A:disqus,

      It’s true some of their Webinar and Automated Webinar funnels are missing some features and have a few bugs – hoping their support will jump on it and fix it asap!

      LeadPages is a great temporary alternative but just means you can’t customize everything to your heart’s content as you mentioned 🙁

  15. Avatar IMSource says:

    Lots of great resources in the resources section (several new ones too that I haven’t come across). I’m curious, what theme are you using for your site?

  16. Avatar Charlotte Salcedo says:

    im not a fan of monthly charges so no and no

    • No problem @charlottesalcedo:disqus .

      But I think knowing that you pay a company monthly means you can be confident they won’t go out of business and they can afford to have solid ongoing support. etc.
      But each to their own 🙂

      Check out thrive builder which is one time.

  17. Avatar Ryan says:

    What is the coolest funnel that you think Click Funnel’s can launch that you couldn’t do in lead pages

    • Hey @disqus_uyrmiwEaeG:disqus,

      That really depends on what type of business you’re building. You really can’t build a membership site in LeadPages at all but that can be easily integratable using ClickFunnels.

      Also with LeadPages you can’t have a payment processor of any kind either.

      Thanks for the question 🙂

  18. Avatar Monica G says:

    Hi Stephen,
    I’m a complete beginner and wish to use Leadpages, however I would like to know if they are a “one big platform” like Clickfunnels. I’ve set up Get Response for email automation and have a n email service that I would really like to break away from. AM an affiliate and what I would need are landing/subscription pgs to be able to promotor the producers’ products. Btw, thank you só much for your wonderful post! You’re amazing.! Do you also have any other resources for a newbie like me? Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    • Hey @disqus_D0WG2Ba5mQ:disqus,

      You’re most welcome for the review 🙂 Glad you found it helpful.

      ClickFunnels builds entire funnels which includes landing pages along with sales pages, membership sites and more. So you have a lot more flexibility with what you can sell on the platform.

      LeadPages is primarily used for capturing leads rather than building funnels. As for the autoresponder, both platforms have multiple integrations you can plugin and ClickFunnels has a native autoresponder called “Actionetics” too.

      Hope this clears it up a bit 🙂

  19. Avatar Lauren says:

    Hello! I’ve been using LeadPages for quite some time. I’ve noticed something troubling: there are people who signup (according to LeadPages statistics) who do not end up on our MailChimp list. We have eliminated the double opt-in, so I am not sure what is happening. Is LeadPages to blame? MailiChimp? We do an awful lot of work o get people to sign up for the email list and not ending up with their information is dispiriting. What do you recommend that we do? I can’t say that I recommend LeadPages at this time.

    • Hey Lauren,

      I’d definitely speak with both LeadPages and Mailchimp and find out which side is causing that issue. I mean, if neither are taking responsibility for it I would really evaluate whether it is worth using their services in the future and look at some alternatives.

      That’s my 2 cents.

  20. Avatar David David Davis says:

    I’m personally looking forward to the new templates Click Funnels brings out and the new templates Lead Pages brings out in their more recently
    released marketplace. For more information Mttb Mobe

  21. Hi,
    I’d love some help. I’ve got a LeadPages account and have a few different MailChimp accounts which I want to do landing pages for but LeadPages limits sub accounts on their standard plan to only be able to integrate 1 email service provider account.

    I also wanted to do a few landing pages for friends who need help but again I can’t use their own MailChimp account for the email sign up form.

    I don’t want to sign up to an Advanced account or Enterprise account as that’s $100 or $299 a month!

    It seems weird that a standard LeadPages account let’s me set up an unlimited number of opt in or landing pages but I can only use one email servicer provider account?! Seems to make it pointless having unlimited.

    So does anyone have any better solutions?

    • Hey @dickiearmour:disqus,

      Naturally every user is responsible for one account (this is usually the norm across any type of software).

      So if you’re using the account for clients then you’ll need a package with sub accounts or set up your clients on their own accounts.

      Usually if you message support ahead of time most companies can give you some sort of discount.

      Hope that helps!

      – Stephen

  22. Avatar Danny Lee says:

    Wow, Stephen, what an AWESOME article. I really appreciate all of the time that you’ve put into evaluating these tools!!!

  23. Avatar Pcoladawgs says:

    I want to read your page but that annoying popup have me leaving.

  24. Avatar Ryan Johnson says:

    I am trying to wrap my head around the huge price gap. I am in my trial period for ClickFunnels, but $97/month seems steep for my purposes. Especially compared to $49/year with LeadPages for the Pro plan. I am just getting started and using this to lead generate for my real estate business. For me it would seem that the $1,000+ different would be better spent on my advertising budget. Am I missing something?

    • Leadpages builds exactly that, pages. ClickFunnels builds entire sales funnels. I think if you’re worried about $50/mo difference in price then the tool might not be fore you.
      Keep in mind, ClickFunnels processes payments as well and doesn’t just collect leads.

  25. Avatar Natalia says:

    Hi Stephen!
    Very interesting review!

    I’m Natalia, Community Manager at and I would suggest Landing Page Builder as an alternative.

    This is a super-easy builder, with pre-built themes and blocks that will save your time. All templates are customizable and you can adapt your pages to your needs, without any coding skills.

    BitBlox also propose a very simple and valuable A/B testing tool to help you to optimize and increase your sales and leads!
    Try it free, for 30 days and you will be surprised how easily you can build your landing page.
    Regards, Natalia!

  26. Avatar John Thomas Price says:

    I would not advise anybody to buy from anyone using this click funnels. I’ve had nothing but a shit experience trying to get an actual receipt page from the vendor , just a click funnels page that gives an order number link to nowhere . shits!!!
    and yes I am posting to FB as well

  27. Avatar Peggy McGee McIntyre says:

    I am just getting started….which do you recommend? Is there another editor just as good? What is a power editor?
    Thanks. Great content!

    • If you’re just getting started I recommend ClickFunnels on the $97 per month plan.
      It has everything you need and you can plug in an autoresponder like ActiveCampaign starting from $9. It has a phenomenal editor too.

      • Avatar Lehm Terona Luma says:

        sir, I’ve been finding out how to maximize my career as a financial planner from the Philippines. I’m working with a multi-billion company but i think i can improve my sales from internet. how can i start small? and how do i do this? i really want your reply badly.

  28. Avatar joolino says:

    Bloody hell what a thorough job you have done. Awesome stunning, no joke, it’s gripping. I am looking for something that will suit my new leg in life. Selling real estate. Lead pages, vs click funnels vs the beautiful but now feel old fashioned but beautiful squarespace. its a very dynamic and changing field. I would love some feedback as I try to sieve through the possibilities. The idea is to 1. attract people 2. Get their contact details 3. show what is on offer or get them to offer what they have 4. Make contact. Sounds simple. But seeing I have never ever done anything like this its quite fascinating. Input more than welcome.

  29. Hi Stephen, thinking about what platform, hard when you’re learning the process as well. How does Click Funnel vs Leadpages vs Active Campaign compare? I see that Active Campaign has capablity of also managing your lists as well – arg, brain overload when trying to understand. My aim is to create a funnel to capture leads, I have webinar and then upsell to events and other programs/workshops. Look and feel is very important (I’m a branding person) and so I Love some of the Leadpages templates and but wondering if Click funnels can do the same and why have I know been recommended Active Campaign to do it all? I also pay for Campaign MOntior which is expensive, so like idea of integrating – don’t like mailchimp fyi 🙂 Love your advice?

  30. Avatar Walt Gooder says:

    A lot of what you said contradicts to what I found here:

  31. Avatar Dan says:

    I am not sure why would anyone pay hundred bucks for Clickfunnels, when you can get everything it does free of charge from Bitrix24 or its clones. Actually more, because Bitrix24 has live chat widget, too.

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