Jeremy Andrews and the team of wordpress interns

What got you into Web Development? When I first took over operations for an international fashion company, I knew very little about software or web development.  At the time I knew how to use systems like Sales force, WordPress, and Magento, but didn’t have a solid grasp on how those systems worked internally.  My biggest […]

Michael Roberts of MDR Combined Services On providing tailored construction and concrete repair products and services

Your industry is extremely unique, share with our readers what you do. At MDR Combined Services we give time back to communities and businesses by reducing traffic delays due to road works and by carrying out businesses expansions and repairs without disrupting their day to day operations. We do this by using high quality fast […]

Alex Thorn On Fitness and Training

Could you tell us of your background before becoming a personal trainer and its advantages? I was a Professional Wrestler for 4 years prior to becoming a Weight Lifting Specialist, despite what many may think about it and the predetermined outcomes; IT IS a very physical business to be in. In the months leading to […]