How Showcase gave birth to H3 Entertainment

How did you get into Music industry? Well like most music executives, I started out as an artist myself. After a few long years as an artist, I wasn’t happy with the opportunities that I saw were being provided. So instead of sitting back and complaining, Idecided to become the person who is offering the […]

Jim Ross on Best selling Coffee Makers

What made you choose the coffee making niche? I always like to enjoy a good cup of coffee before the day starts. Without a good cup, I feel my day becomes listless. Most of the time, I head over to the coffee place just opposite for my daily cup and I always felt that they […]

John Dean’s advice to actor-wannabes

What made you get into the acting industry? I was fascinated by the TV screen since I was young. I always liked the different costumes which the actors wear. Since then, I decided to find out more from friends about how to get into the entertainment industry. During my teen years, I was involved in […]