Hey savvy business owner and marketer!

So you want to contact me? Awesome, I’d love to hear from you.

Let me make sure you can reach me the best way possible and don’t get caught up with the other 100+ emails which hit my inbox everyday! Pretty crazy huh?

So here are a few different options you can choose:



Facebook is by far your best bet to reaching out to me. I’m using it every single day without fail. You can send my official Facebook Page an inbox or you can even follow my personal Facebook page here too. I’m not in hiding so feel free to join the conversation and reach out to me.

I’ve only been on Twitter for about 6 months and using it more and more. You can find me on Twitter and follow/tweet me. It usually gives me phone notifications so chances are you’ll get a reply in 24 hours or so. I don’t have too many followers here, so it’d really mean a lot.



If you’d like to interview me for your podcast, summit, blog, magazine, newspaper, event or any other media you can reach out to me directly over on this page. I love joining the conversation so you shouldn’t have any issues getting me on!

The Sales Funnel SummitThe WordPress Summit


Business Coaching etc.

Coaching inquires (I do a very small amount of one-on-one coaching) you can head over to my services page where we can connect.

Anything tied to affiliate partnerships, business proposals, JVs and the like are extremely rare for me to get involved in given my current businesses, clients and companies I’m involved in. However feel free to go to the form at the bottom of this page and submit your information.

If it appeals to me, I’ll let you know, however if I don’t get around to it please don’t be offended. Sometimes you just can’t take on every opportunity which is offered to you…otherwise I never would have been able to launch this blog for you!


Regular Ol’Fashion Postal Mail

If you’d like to contact me via regular mail, please use the address below:

1/94 Bridge Road
Richmond, Victoria
3121, Australia

Physical mail makes an impression on me, so if you want to stand out. this is your best bet. I swing by the office almost every business day so will be able to see any incoming mail directly.


Good Old Fashion Contact Form

If you want to hit my email inbox, this is the best way to do it. I just want to let you know and be completely transparent, it’s not easy keeping up with my mailbox, so sometimes my assistant jumps in to help me out. However, I am the only one who sends emails with my sign off. So if you do receive an email from me, be aware that you are talking to me directly.

I strive to talk to everyone personally, however don’t be disappointed if you’re asked for more information or clarification first before my wonderful assistant Chelly points you in the right direction 🙂 It just means I’ve got a full inbox and will get to you as soon as possible.