An (in-depth) Beginners Guide to Facebook Ads

FEATURED DOWNLOAD: Download the Facebook Ad Checklist and tick off each box as you put together your high converting Facebook Ad  (Click here to download). Quick NavigationWho is your customer?Creating a buyer personaUsing Audience InsightsCreating your adHeadlinesDescriptionThe imageCreating a Facebook Ads campaignOptimizing your ads over timeSplit testingDealing with Ad FatigueThe landing pageAdvanced TacticsConclusionYou don’t have […]

The All-Inclusive HotJar Review (No Fluff)

What Is HotJar? HotJar is a heatmap and feedback tool which webmasters use to engage with their visitors and see how their visitors engage with them. Their two-way engagement tool allows business owners to get gain clarity on what their prospects are reacting to on their website. It’s not easy finding an analytics tool which captures ‘who’ […]

Facebook Ads Dashboard 2015 Update Overview

  Recently Facebook rolled out a new advertising dashboard which highlighted some of their features and metrics really well. I figured I should make a video on the ins and outs of it so you can really use it to your advantage. There really isn’t a need to start buying expensive software anymore when you […]