#78 – Maintaining Your Systems While Travelling

Having a reliable virtual team helps you run your business while you’re away and makes your travels productive and convenient. Transcript: [00:00:14] Stephen:  Hey guys, Stephen Esketzis here from Marketing on the Move and I am coming to you live from Athens in Greece.  Just coming back and winding up a trip from Europe.  I […]

#74 – The Security Guard Effect

Stephen talks about how you can employ the security guard effect in your business. Transcript [00:00:14] Stephen:  Hey guys, Stephen Esketzis here from Marketing on the Move and I’m with you here on an early Friday morning, actually probably not so early, I did sleep in a little bit, but that’s all good.  Either way, […]

#72 – Dealing with the Haters

Summary: No matter how good you do and how many people believe in you, there are always going to be haters that will try to bring you down.  Stephen talks about how to deal with these haters on this episode of Marketing on the Move. Transcript: [00:00:14] Hey guys, Stephen Esketzis here from Marketing on […]

#71 – “All About Digital Empathy With Brian Swichkow”

Content Summary: 00:00:22 – 00:03:28 – Introductions 00:04:04 – 00:05:58 – About Brian Swichkow’s Ghost Influence podcast 00:05:58 – 00:11:05 About Slack group and how it works 00:11:39 – 00:13:15 PrimeMind and understanding Reddit 00:14:07 – 00:18:52 How to create empathy in a company brand and how to deliver a transparent message when building an […]

#70 – The Strategies Of A Serial Entrepreneur Who Runs Multi-Million Dollar Retail & SAAS Companies

Guest Bio: Robert is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Call Proof, he built his businesses to where today they generate $24 Million in total revenue. His expertise around sales and automating follow-up sequences helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and salesmen, contributing to millions of dollars in additional sales. Content Summary : 00:00:14 – Introductions 00:04:48 […]