Cyber Security With Dr. Eric Vanderburg

Why did you get into cyber security? I have always had an interest in technology.  I played with some of the early computers and tinkered with them to see how they worked.  In the dawn of the PC age, I fixed the computers of friends and neighbors.  Eventually I made a career out of it, […]

Pradeep Kumar on Vedic Mathematics

 Where do you see your business in the future? I have developed a game based system of “Finger Counting Removal” where the teacher take the children through various levels and children get rid of Finger Counting. There is another game based system using which children can learn maths fact quickly. Yet another system for training […]

Salman Altaf And His Success Online

Why did you get into your industry? Since my childhood, I had great interest in computer’s. I started my carrier as a computer hacker but after a few months I realized that I should change my field and I started working online as a freelancer. I started taking marketing projects and after completing almost 300 […]

Aaron Kocourek On Building Your Online Reputation

Why did you get into online reputation management? I saw a number of people on freelancer sites asking for help dealing with slander and defamation online. After accepting a few projects and successfully completing them I felt there was a larger need for online reputation management services. How long have you been in the business? […]

Simon the Hard Working Affiliate Marketer

Why did you choose to work in online marketing and being an affiliate? Well, I studied economics in college and I was raised by my parents to get a job at a multinational company. I successfully got an internship at the biggest life insurance company of Europe (it’s was really hard to get in, internships […]