Funnel Scripts Review (All You Need To Know)

It’s an established fact that a good copy is a necessity in marketing. Whether it’s for a sales letter, an ad copy, a product description or a video script, creating copy is a process that needs the utmost care. The copy is the voice that sends out your marketing message, therefore, a thorough understanding of […]

#92 – “Cracking The Studentpreneur Code With Julien Marchand”

TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:00:14 – 00:00:22 – Introductions. 00:00:22 – 00:08:39 – All about Julien Marchand’s thesis about studentpreneurs. 00:08:39 – 00:11:06 – The final step, turning into an entrepreneur. 00:11:06 – 00:26:31 – The four profiles of studentpreneurs. 00:26:31 – 00:28:07 – The importance of having a co-founder. 00:28:07 – 00:30:56 – Formulating an […]

#91 – Showing Businesses the Light

SUMMARY:  Stephen discusses how to show business owners the light and succeed on marketing their businesses. [00:00:14] Stephen:  Hey guys, Stephen Esketzis here from Marketing on the Move.  I’m coming to you live from a trip home now.  I just met up with someone I was asked to catch up with.  And I can’t name […]

Epic Business And Lifestyle Review For 2016

Looks like we’re wrapping up another year, so it’s time for my second ever business and lifestyle review, you can find last years over here (crazy how much has changed since). I’m very fortunate to say that 2016 was by far the biggest year I’ve ever had in business. I crossed off some big milestones […]

#90 – Planning and Executing Your 2017 Goals

SUMMARY: How to effectively plan for a successful 2017. [00:00:14] Stephen:  Hey guys, Stephen Esketzis here from Marketing on the Move.  And I’m coming to you now on a beautiful, sunny Melbourne day.  We’re in the middle of December now hitting towards the end of 2016, and I wanted to share this episode with you […]