About Stephen

Working for myself as an internet marketer, while most people my age are wondering which degree they want to study or corporate job they want to land is pretty standard practice for me.

I can’t remember the last time I hadn’t sold something to make a profit. From trading Pokémon cards in primary school, to selling cans of soft drink in high school, I love the thrill of business and clenching deals. I self-taught myself all through high school learning snippets of eBay selling, website management and development, running forums, releasing iPhone apps, running a content based agency, building a SAAS company from scratch and much more. This all led me to building outrageously profitable sales funnels online… or what the everyday person calls being an ‘internet marketer’.

More recently going into January of 2014, I launched StephenEsketzis.com which was initially just a blog to share my marketing experience with the world. Quickly this site turned into a place where I was getting requests for sales funnels, coaching and interviews. So as of May 2015, I re-designed, re-branded and re-launched the site to the masses.

I work 80/20 (80% of the funnels I build are my own, 20% of my funnels I build are for clients). I work with Physical Products, Info Products and Lead Gen sites mostly. I tend to build the majority of these funnels outside IM.

About 6 months into launching my website, I launched my podcast ‘Marketing on the Move’ where I share interviews with other likeminded entrepreneurs like Neil Patel, David Darmanin, Rand Fishkin and many more business owners and marketers who have made a profound impact on the world.

Sometimes I even just turn on the phone recorder using my nifty app Dropvox and start recording on the way to the office if I have something of value to share.

What am I doing now?

Right now my focus is building up the business (and by business I mean crank up the cash flow of my own projects) using my skill set of funnel building.

My focus is also on growing this site to become an authority where people can transparently see how anyone at any age (even 21) can learn and implement these marketing strategies in their business. This will be done by delivering outstanding value unparalleled by any other site in the industry. (I mean start with the resources list; if you find a more EPIC resources list than this one I’ll buy you lunch).

But before you disappear into the website’s content, I just want to say a quick thanks for stopping by. Seriously. It means a lot.

First place I’d start is here.

Now let’s crush the rest of the day and start making some serious money PROFIT.

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